Bucket list, made.

This is Walk Around the Block—our new video interview series, where we, well, do just that: go for a little stroll with our subjects in an attempt to get to know them better (impromptu run-ins and fan moments notwithstanding).

Every cliché you’ve heard about Paris is for good reason—they’re all very much true. But as you might imagine, all of that magic, romance, and charm that defines a saunter through the City of Lights is magnified when accompanied by the likes of native Parisian Christian Louboutin.

C’mon: It simply doesn’t get much better than strolling down cobblestone streets or taking in a gorgeous Jardin than being accompanied by the iconic designer himself. Never mind walking down Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau—the street home to Louboutin’s first-ever boutique, corporate offices, and at one time even his residence—and through Galerie Véro-Dodat, down to one of the designer’s favorite local antique markets, before looping back up to Louboutin HQ. Along the way, we chatted about everything, from why Paris is the most beautiful city in the world (fighting words—his hot take is not to be missed) and his advice for aspiring creatives, to that time he was arrested the night of his first store opening. Stay tuned in all the way through for the kind of miraculous flea-market discovery Louboutin stumbles upon—more of that Parisian magic, we’ll tell ya.


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