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What You Should Do This Halloween According to Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween candy, costumes and where you’re most likely to end up at the end of the night is all in the stars.

halloween plans according to zodiac sign
There are tons of reasons to get excited about Halloween. It’s the one time as an adult that you get a free pass to play dress-up, you get tons of sweets (or cocktails!), and everything feels magical again, even if it’s just for a night. Honestly, the way you celebrate Halloween says almost as much about you as your zodiac sign—which is why we’ve planned it all out for you using astrology, from your costume and candy selections to your ideal haunts. Read on to find out what your sign should do on the spookiest night of the year!



You’re likely to find them: Starting fights (aka what they do best).

Dress up as: Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Halloween candy: Snickers, but only because they think it has enough protein to boost their latest workout routine.


You’re likely to find them: Going to the same bar they went to when they were underage and demanding to dance to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.”

Dress up as: A vampire. They’ve been wearing the same classic costume for the last five Halloweens and don’t intend to stop now.

Halloween candy: CBD edibles (which they also think are a food group).


You’re likely to find them: Texting a ghost story to their group chat.

Dress up as: Rachel from Friends, complete with the haircut, which they regret instantly.

Halloween candy: Pixy Stix.


You’re likely to find them: Carving pumpkins, binge-watching every episode of The Haunting of Hill House, and otherwise being wholesome.

Dress up: In their favorite bathrobe.

Halloween candy: Kit Kat.


You’re likely to find them: Commandeering your party and getting so much glitter everywhere, you’ll be vacuuming for weeks.

Dress up as: If they don’t dress up as themselves (which is a strong possibility), they’ll do more costume changes than Bey on the On The Run tour.

Halloween candy: Your candy.


You’re likely to find them: Saging and organizing every room in their house.

Dress up as: Their favorite obscure historical figure. (Watch out, because they’ll get mad when you don’t get the reference!)

Halloween candy: Nerds.


You’re likely to find them: Telling everyone they’ve been dreading their coworkers tacky Halloween party, but then secretly loving every second of it.

Dress up as: Anything that will make their exes jealous.

Halloween candy: Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


You’re likely to find them: Making out with someone in a graveyard.

Dress up as: A sexy black cat that hates to be touched.

Halloween candy: Flavored lube.


You’re likely to find them: Buying a last-minute plane ticket to a haunted Airbnb.

Dress up as: A female superhero. Bonus points for Wonder Woman or Shuri from Black Panther!

Halloween candy: Tequila.


You’re likely to find them: Eating all the food at your party because, hey, it’s free!

Dress up as: A shadow, so they can put their all-black wardrobe to good use.

Halloween candy: Reese’s cups.


You’re likely to find them: Going to work at the bank by day and an invitation-only dungeon by night.

Dress up as: Scully from The X-Files.

Halloween candy: Jolly Ranchers.


You’re likely to find them: Taking the Ouija board messages way too personally.

Dress up as: Ariana Grande in the “God Is a Woman” video.

Their favorite candy: Hershey Kisses.

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