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Exclusive: A Detailed Look at Kith’s Third Collab with Coca-Cola

Modeled by none other than Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz.

Tristan Kallas
Jodi Taylor
Last summer we boarded a train to the Hamptons, where we spent the day obsessing over Kith’s second collaboration with American heritage brand Coca-Cola. Fast forward twelve months, and we found ourselves standing in the middle of a walk-in closet in Malibu, shaking our heads in amazement as we took in Kith founder Ronnie Fieg’s third collection with the brand.

Rugby shirts boasting the Coca-Cola logo took up the better part of the left side of the room; seven shelves of brightly colored, raw-edged denim Converse high-tops took over the right. Multi-colored Hawaiian tees stood out from the corner, and in the middle of it all was a bright red varsity jacket emblazoned with, you guessed it, the Kith and Coca-Cola logos. Fieg’s inspiration for this year was global unity, showcased throughout the collection with the representation of the U.S., France, Russia, and China’s languages.

Dotted throughout the closet and home (which, by the way, has twelve bedrooms—casual) were branded bucket hats, swimsuits, terry cloth shorts and pullovers, coasters, skate decks, lawn bowling pins, a basketball net, surfboards, a Ferrari, a G-wagon, and a Fiat—we honestly couldn’t make this up if we tried. Oh, and mastermind Fieg took it upon himself to add his own design flair to exclusive, not-for-sale, mini Coke bottles—complete with a Cherry Coke flavor. You see why we kinda, sorta felt like we were at the peak of, well, life in general?

And just when we had finally pulled ourselves together, remembering that we were on the job, we met the lovely Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz (aka Fieg and Kith’s extended family) in the kitchen, where they were decked out in head-to-toe Kith and Coca-Cola. We, of course, got to work immediately positioning the couple on top of vehicles, inside a walk-in fridge, and on a surfboard in the pool. Honestly, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have the time of our lives. Another year, another collection, another one for the books.

Click through the below gallery to read about how Victor and Karrueche first became acquainted with Kith, why the collection is based on global unity, and Fieg’s re-creation of the Coke can.

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