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OK, We Didn’t Know You Could Instantly Lift Your Butt with 6 Exercises

Bet you’ve never seen these butt-toning moves before.

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
Alec Kugler

Whether you’ve mastered getting up at 7:00 AM to squeeze in a workout multiple days a week (and stuck to it), or you dabble in fitness, doing the same tried-and-true exercises can get, well, stale. Sure, those movements can work, but finding exercises that challenge you while feeling unique and, most important, give you great results is key. Trainer Stephen Pasterino of P.Volve, who counts a whole roster of Victoria’s Secret models as clients, including Sanne Vloet, has essentially trademarked six butt-lifting moves that you’ve likely never tried before, for near instant results.

Do 7-8 reps per move.


1. The Sway

(for the sides)

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Start in a P.sit with your feet at hip width. (A P.sit is my version of a squat, but you only bring your butt and legs slightly down and back—almost like you’re going to sit in a chair.) Step your foot back, rotating both your hips and foot internally and catching the floor with your heal. Sway back, and sit into the glute of the leg that has been rotated, and then push up from the same glute to return to the original P.sit position.”

2. Standing Glute Curl

(for the center of your glutes)

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Start with one leg up, and curl it back with the toe facing the ceiling at slightly less than a 90-degree angle. Slightly bend the standing leg so that the knee is even with the heal. Slowly squeeze your glutes on the pointed leg, taking the toes towards the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly release, letting your leg down to about halfway.”

3. Bosu Step Out + Rotate

(for the top of your glutes)

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Start in a P.sit with your feet hip-width apart and the Bosu ball directly out at 3 or 9 o’clock position. Step out 90 degrees onto the side of the ball, pushing the ball of your foot into the ball while keeping the heel up. Rotate your foot out, and your hips will internally rotate away from the ball. Hold and squeeze. Return to original P.sit position.”

4. Forward Step + Rear Step

(for the outer and middle glute)

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Start in a reach step position with your heel straight up. Push up from your front glute and pull your leg up and forward, stepping down in front of the Bosu. Place your foot in a perpendicular position—your hips will rotate internally when stepping forward—and return back to a neutral position as you step back to the rear position.”

5. Mat Hip Turn Down

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Start on all fours with one leg extended back straight at 6 o’clock and with your heel just above hip-height. Push through the glute of the bent leg and externally rotate your hips open, keeping the extended leg in a fixed position.”

6. Open Hip Butt Lift

instant butt-lifting exercise moves
“Holding the same position as the Hip Turn Down exercise, hold the hips open and push back into a shift-back position—make sure the extended foot is parallel to the ground. Lower your leg to slightly below hip height. Lift slowly to your threshold, and slowly release back down below hip height.”

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