May 2018 Horoscopes: Aquarius


By: Amelia Quint
Illustration: Hannah Becker

Mark the 15th on your calendar, because it’s going to be a major turning point for you! Uranus, your ruling planet, moves into sensual Taurus, where it’ll stay for the next seven years. Taurus is your fourth house of home, family, and emotions, so this is going to be an intense shift. You’ll be feeling things you never expected to feel about just about everything, so stay grounded and try to enjoy the ride. Fortunately, a Taurus new moon that same day will give you a head start on processing those feelings, and Mars into your sign from the 16th provides the energy boost you’ll need to rise to this challenge. If you need to relax, a few extra reps or laps at the gym will do the trip. On the 25th, inspiration planets Jupiter and Neptune in your professional sectors deliver a career idea that’s a total game-changer. Pitch it to your team on the 29th, when you’ll have the open-minded Sagittarius full moon on your side.


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