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This New K-Beauty Collection Will Give You “Rich-Girl Skin”

Get to know Peach & Lily’s new collaboration with Crazy Rich Asians the movie.

This New K-Beauty Collection Will Give You “Rich-Girl Skin”
Renée Rodenkirchen

The Crazy Rich Asians movie (based on the best-selling book trilogy by Kevin Kwan) doesn’t hit theaters until August, but the hype has already started—including the trailer, which dropped yesterday, and now a Crazy Rich Asians skin-care collection out today, curated by the Korean beauty expert who knows best: Alicia Yoon of Peach & Lily. “When Warner Brothers approached us, we asked ourselves, ‘What does rich-girl skin look like?’” Yoon tells us over the phone from Seoul, where she frequently travels for product-finding missions (this editor actually went with her once). “It’s not just as simple as the fact that she doesn’t have breakouts. It’s that you walk by, and she has this level of luminosity that makes her look like she gets a facial every day. It makes you ask, ‘How is she real?’ Crazy-rich Asians just have that look.”

As such, the Peach & Lily team created the Crazy Rich Radiance skin-care collection that isn’t focused on high prices, as one might suspect (the products range from $11.99 to $130), but how much it can make your skin glow like a lightbulb. “Some products are really going to help you get hydrated skin, but the next day you really aren’t looking more luminous, which is what we were really looking for,” says Yoon, whose team tested the products in the routine for months to make sure all 11 products work in harmony. “Internally, we call it ‘radiance upon radiance.’” Yeah, we’ll take some of that.

The standouts include the Abib Hypoderma SP1-2GF Serum, which has growth factors, niacinamide for brightening, and bamboo water, and emerged as a surprise hero of the group (“Our testers said it made their skin look so radiant, like you just had a facial,” says Yoon), as well as a the Eco Your Skin Meso Ampoule, a serum with tiny dissolvable microneedles made of marine material that make teeny “punctures” in your skin and stay there for about 24 hours to help build collagen and create channels for the ingredients in the formula to get into your skin. “The spa behind Eco Your Skin does 1,500 facials a day, and this product is their go-to; they even think it helps with scarring,” says Yoon. The end result may not make your wallet look crazy-rich, but at least your skin will be money.

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