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Our Favorite Spots for Brunch in NYC

Eggs Benedict and French toast, anyone?

By: Leah Faye Cooper

The joy of eating eggs at noon and drinking well before happy hour—both without judgment—isn’t lost on us. We’re unapologetic about our enthusiasm for brunch, even if our fridges are full of groceries and we’ve already stretched our budgets thin buying shoes. Brunch is a welcome and often much-needed respite from our busy schedules. It’s fun; it’s leisurely; it’s luxurious! And that’s not to say that it’s always an upscale dining experience (though we’re definitely game for those), but noshing on eggs Benedict, pasta, French toast, and burgers—and washing it all down with Bloody Marys and Bellinis—is pretty delightful. We’ve had the privilege of brunching all over NYC, and so you can get in on the indulgence too, here are our favorite brunch spots in the city.



Katie Becker, Beauty Director

The Milton, Upper East Side

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@themiltonnyc... Read More

I wake up at 7:00 AM almost every day, no matter how late I stayed up (it’s a curse!), but when the time calls for a little breakfast in the afternoon, I like to brunch at The Milton, which is a classic Irish pub with the delicious greasy eats minus the sticky floors. And, most important, I’ve never had to wait. The Ploughman’s Brunch with smoked salmon makes me feel like I’m making a healthier choice, since it’s not their (epic) burger, so I feel a lot less guilty about indulging in the free Bloody Mary.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@themiltonnyc



Meg Gegler, Audience Development Manager

Little Ruby, Nolita

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@rubyscafe... Read More

If you’re like me and crave salads and grain bowls on the reg, Ruby’s will be your new favorite restaurant. This menu has just about everything for everyone—whether it be one of their burgers (hello, under $15…), one of their pasta dishes, or a large hearty salad, Ruby’s is bound to have something for every one of your friends. No time to sit down? Luckily, they have an amazing to-go section, which is also conveniently located not too far from Coveteur HQ—good for a good midday snack or lunch. If you do have the time to sit down and enjoy the Australian spot, do yourself a favor and order the crispy rice bowl. Oh, and a side of sweet potato fries will do the trick in curing your weekend hangover.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@rubyscafe



Laurel Pantin, Editorial & Fashion Director

Via Carota, West Village

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@viacarota... Read More

Via Carota is the sister restaurant to my all-time favorite restaurant, I Sodi (heaven!!!!), and is every bit as delicious, plus, it’s open for lunch on the weekends (and during the week…). It’s sunny and bright and busy enough to be fun (there can be a wait—it’s the West Village, after all), and the food is incredible. I also love that it’s not super twee or trendy in the way most West Village restaurants are. Instagram trap, this is not. It skews more lunch than brunch (as in pasta and veggie sides), but they usually have one egg-focused special. I went this weekend, and my husband and I shared roasted carrots with yogurt, a fennel salad, meatballs (a must-order), and a special dish of soft scrambled eggs on charred bread topped with shaved black truffles. It was perfect.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@viacarota


Leah Faye Cooper, Senior Features Editor

Red Rooster, Harlem

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@roosterharlem... Read More

I judge brunch spots not just on the food and atmosphere, but also on the memories I’ve made at a place, and my friends and I have made a lot at Red Rooster. We’ve laughed over shrimp and grits, had deep convos over chicken and waffles, and indulged in many, many cocktails (my favorite is the Savoy—vodka, grapes, agave lemon). And don’t even get me started on the people-watching—I’ve seen some of the most chic and dapper brunch patrons ever walk through those doors. I live downtown, but a trip there is always worth the trek.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@roosterharlem


Caryn Prime

Olea, Fort Greene

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@allthatnewyork... Read More

So, full disclaimer, I live in Park Slope, and there are plenty of options there for a delicious daytime meal, but my most favorite place to eat is Olea Taverna—and my friends can attest to it, because whenever we are planning a brunch (or even a dinner), it’s forever my go-to suggestion. On any given Saturday or Sunday late morning or early afternoon, there will be a line or groups of people sitting outside waiting to get in (as they don’t take brunch reservations), but if you go for that post-wintertime matinee-movie to the late-afternoon brunch (BAM is walking distance), which we often do, then you are almost always guaranteed an immediate seat. And then you get to dine on the most perfect omelette with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and leeks, or savory Parmesan French toast or traditional French toast with fresh maple syrup (best!). I favor savory for my brunch meal (see above re: omelette), but we will often order traditional French toast “for the table.” And we can linger in the warmth and cozy lighting of the late afternoon and laugh and laugh, after a few glasses of sangria, and just catch up like we would if we all were slightly less busy and called each other on the phone more often.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@allthatnewyork


Brooke Bunce, Social Media Manager

Colina Cuervo, Crown Heights

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@colinacuervo... Read More

Sure, you may not want to schlep down Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn on a Sunday morning after too many rounds of tequila sodas, but the pancakes at Colina Cuervo make every headache-inducing step WORTH. IT. Seriously, the fluffy pile of dulce-de-leche-laced cakes are the best you can get in central Brooklyn. Dare I say, all of Brooklyn? If that’s not your speed, there are plenty of savory Latin dishes served on gorgeous flatware that you can tuck into at any time of the day.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@colinacuervo


Monique Kamargo, Editorial Photo Producer

Dudley’s, Lower East Side

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@dudleysnyc ... Read More

I first heard about Dudley’s after a friend suggested we go for dinner one night. We ordered the creamy pesto pasta and truffle fries, and just like that, I was hooked. Not to mention, the place is just really cool (they are the sister restaurant of another Cov favorite, Ruby’s, after all!). I soon went back for brunch and was not disappointed. What I love most is that they have a dish on the menu that will work for everyone in your Sunday brunch crew. The avocado toast or chia muesli for the healthy vegan friend, the mushroom poached eggs Benedict for the severely hungover one, and the cheeseburger or bronte-burger for the friend who is ready to go all out. Finish the meal off with one of their refreshing cocktails, and you have yourself a Sunday done right.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@dudleysnyc


Samantha Sutton, Editor

Whitman and Bloom, Gramercy

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@whitmanandbloom... Read More

They say to never judge a book by its cover—or a restaurant by its sign and decor—but that’s exactly what I did with Whitman and Bloom…and I was *not* disappointed. For starters, its rustic, old-school vibe is just my style; there’s a lot of distressed wood, dim metal light fixtures, and even a bookcase and a fireplace in the back. Then there’s the food, which is described as American staples with a bit of Mediterranean influence. I personally enjoy the Four Cheese Omelette—because, well, cheese—but their Chopped Tuscan Kale Salad is yummy and fresh, and there are multiple brunch burger options if you want to go that route, as well. The cocktails aren’t exactly cheap ($10 for just one!), but two Simply Pears, which are a mix of prosecco, chambord, and pear juice, and I’m feeling pretty happy to be sitting and eating at this cute place.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@whitmanandbloom


Stephanie Mark, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Sant Ambroeus, Soho

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@santambroeus... Read More

I really love to have a long and drawn-out brunch as a reward for dragging myself out of bed to work out on the weekend. If you can score a table, I love getting cozy at Sant Ambroeus in Soho and settling in for some good food and even better people-watching. I also judge brunch places based on their bacon, and this place’s Niman Ranch hits the mark.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@santambroeus



Hannah Baxter, Assistant Editor

Mominette, Bushwick

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@mominettebistro... Read More

In case you missed it, there’s a secret battalion of cute French men imported to New York City every season, and they’re all hiding in the kitchens of Mominette in Bushwick. If you can make it through your entire brunch order without blushing, I tip my hat to you. Aside from a staff of delicious Parisians, everything on the menu is equally tasty. The hole-in-the-wall bistro’s interiors are reminiscent of a shabby-chic European salon, and the garden in the back is a perfect escape from Brooklyn’s bustling sidewalks. I recommend either the French toast with fresh mint (made with Bushwick Bakery bread!) or the Croque Madam with grainy mustard. Naturally, the bottomless mimosas and coffee are also a must. Take your girlfriends immediately—trust me, they’ll love you for it.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@mominettebistro


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