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The 7 Best Mascaras for Longer, Fuller Lashes, According to Our Readers

To the 400+ who DM’d us, we (and our lashes) thank you.

It’s no secret that mascara has the magic ability to turn your lashes from drab nothingness to… well, *everything.* With the hundreds of options out there, we wanted to hear your favorites, so we asked you (via Instagram Stories) what your ride-or-die mascara is and why. After sifting through our DMs, we found that these seven mascaras are your favorites based on *very important* lash criteria, namely formulas that lengthen, volumize, and are clump-free. No one wants that “midday slump” under their eyes, so having a non-flaky, long-lasting formula is also key. So if you’re a creature of habit and have been wearing the same mascara for years, take Beyoncé’s advice (if you haven’t already) and let these products UPGRADE you.

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I personally have been using this one ever since setting foot in a Sephora. This cult-favorite has the perfect combination of formula, wiper, and brush. The formula has a perfect balance of hydration without being too wet, allowing for lashes to be clump-free when applying coats. The wiper gives the perfect amount of formula in every use, not wasting precious product. Best of all, its hourglass-shaped brush allows for a FULL application, so no lash is left behind. @jeaninecapp says: “It’s the only mascara that keeps my lashes lifted, curled, dark and perfect ALL DAY LONG!”
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