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The 7 Best Mascaras for Longer, Fuller Lashes, According to Our Readers

To the 400+ who DM’d us, we (and our lashes) thank you.

By: Ivanna Martinez

It’s no secret that mascara has the magic ability to turn your lashes from drab nothingness to… well, *everything.* With the hundreds of options out there, we wanted to hear your favorites, so we asked you (via Instagram Stories) what your ride-or-die mascara is and why. After sifting through our DMs, we found that these seven mascaras are your favorites based on *very important* lash criteria, namely formulas that lengthen, volumize, and are clump-free. No one wants that “midday slump” under their eyes, so having a non-flaky, long-lasting formula is also key. So if you’re a creature of habit and have been wearing the same mascara for years, take Beyoncé’s advice (if you haven’t already) and let these products UPGRADE you.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I personally have been using this one ever since setting foot in a Sephora. This cult-favorite has the perfect combination of formula, wiper, and brush. The formula has a perfect balance of hydration without being too wet, allowing for lashes to be clump-free when applying coats. The wiper gives the perfect amount of formula in every use, not wasting precious product. Best of all, its hourglass-shaped brush allows for a FULL application, so no lash is left behind. @jeaninecapp says: “It’s the only mascara that keeps my lashes lifted, curled, dark and perfect ALL DAY LONG!”

Benefit They’re Real Lashes: Yes, they’re real! This beauty-award-winning mascara has gurus going crazy over this mascara’s wand, specifically its custom-domed tip. Skillfully made with every lash in mind, the multi-bristle brush allows for breathtaking volume, length, and thickness. Pro tip: Apply horizontally and then vertically for the best brush performance. @ladymc011 says, “It gets so gentle and taking it off is a breeeeeeze! Not to mention your lashes look incredible and stay super healthy.”

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara: A drugstore favorite, L’Oreal gives you the necessary volume and curl at a budget-friendly price. It’s smudge-proof formula allows for an all-day wear, WITHOUT getting those midday “panda eyes.” It has an ultra-thick brush for more product, but no worries. The multiple bristles allow for a fanned-out lash effect, making it a clump-free zone. Many of you also suggested layering L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara for a fuller nighttime look. @SallyEvans says, “It doesn’t clump and makes everything long and luscious.”

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara: Considered the “push-up bra” of mascaras, this favorite is all about the formula. Its 4-in-1 vegan-friendly formula is geared at lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning your lashes. It has olive-esters (woah) to hydrate and protect while keeping that “lights, camera, drama” in check. Formulated without parabens and synthetic fragrance, this one is popular amongst users with more sensitive eyes. @ShesWhiskeyInATeaCup can agree that this tube is perfect for “DRAMA!.”

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara: Living up to its name, this “expert” mascara embodies founder and makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. Using his signature “sweeping” technique, the two-sided brush gracefully goes upward for length and outward for volume. The buildable formula contains Japanese camelia oil for more elasticity and room for more layering if needed. It comes in two colors: their classic black for your daily to-do’s and a deep red for a more amplified look. @SimmyKay01 says: “It doesn’t smudge! I don’t get panda eyes at the end of the day!!”

Dior-It Addict Mascara: Dior’s name is out there loud and proud in the mascara world, all thanks to the efficiency of their multipurpose mascaras. Dior-It Addict is a fan favorite for its light but effective formula and long-lasting shape. Its user-friendly handle helps the brush get smaller areas, allowing for more volume-dense lashes. DiorShow Blackout and DiorShow Iconic were also top hits, with all three being a common mascara for date night routines. @WhyBrandi says, “the mascara gives a dual effect of length and fullness, which is why I love it!”

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara: This mascara is helping your lashes AND the environment at the same time. W3ll People’s eco-friendly mascara has been awarded by top beauty powerhouses for delivering a quality product with a powerful message. Not only is it perfect for lengthening, volumizing, and tight-lining, the formula is 100 percent gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic (like that cold pressed juice you had this AM). It also comes in fun colors like cobalt blue and magenta, keeping it fun for a different look. @LindsBish says it’s great for “length and steering clear of toxins.”

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