The Healthiest Thing to Do While Watching the Olympics

We created a game for the occasion.

By: Noah Lehava

Let’s play a game, shall we? The rules are easy to follow, promise. They go a little something like this: We’ll craft totally believable and likely-to-happen Olympic scenarios (and some not-so-likely-but-would-be-amazing-if-they-happened situations, too), and when said thing flashes on your TV screen, you’ll have proportionate exercises to do. It’s like a drinking game, only healthier and athletic. Let the games begin!


There’s a commercial break.

2.5 minutes of jump rope.

Your heart rate is already through the roof from the suspense, so get some benefit out of it. Commercials are inevitable, so for this game’s purposes, its the best way to keep you in sweat mode.


Your team wins.


It’s like the athletic version of the running man. Get up and dance, man!


Your team loses.


Take a few minutes and regain your composure. Depending on how *passionate* you are about the sport, this may be some helpful reading.

Don’t: Drink away your sorrows. Okay, fine, but do it after you play this game. Deal?


An athlete adjusts his/her, ahem…spandex.

Burpee with plank to pike.

Punishment for having your mind in the gutter. Sorry, friends. Do five.


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