We Tried 7 of the Most Popular Detox Products on Amazon

At-home cupping, those crazy footpads, and yes, the tea.

7 most popular detox products on amazon

Trying out a new “detox” can conjure about a variety of responses. Your Western doctor friends will love to remind you that that word doesn’t really mean anything. Your Kardashian-obsessed co-worker will tell you about the detox tea she swears by. Your mom will worry you’re talking about Fen Phen. But a bunch of Coveteur staffers were genuinely curious about a handful of simple and safe-looking detox products that get lots of buzz and pretty strong reviews on Amazon to boot. We gave them a spin, and this is what we thought.

Anti Cellulite Silicone Cupping Therapy Set: “I don’t really have cellulite, so when trying this product, I was expecting something to relieve my post-workout soreness (think: Michael Phelps cupping photos) and maybe add some extra softness to my ‘problem areas.’ At first, I made the mistake of not applying lotion before using the cups, therefore they did not stick. However, after massaging some Glossier Body Hero onto my lower glutes, they stayed well for over 15 minutes. I didn’t notice any bruising (just a bit of redness, so don’t try before slipping on shorts), but my skin definitely felt softer and my muscles a bit less tense! I liked also applying the smaller cup to my upper back—it felt like a mini massage to help alleviate some soreness. I feel that for the price and convenience of this product, it’s worth a try, cellulite or no.” —Meg Gegler
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