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The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Ever

This list is full of “stocking stuffers,” if you will...

Remember back in the day when celebrating Valentine’s Day involved passing out heart-shaped cards and had nothing to do with fucking or spending money? Lord, that was a wholesome time. These days, for better or worse, Valentine’s Day tends to be celebrated a little bit differently. You know the drill: Come February 14th flowers will be bought, chocolates will be gifted, and dinner reservations will be fought over like rations during a war. Usually, some sex gets sprinkled into the mix, too. It’s tradition!

While many people begrudge the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, I am personally very much into it. Why? Because while you can’t buy love, you CAN buy presents! (As a single person who has dated some incredibly questionable creatures, I find this fact comforting.) Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you love almost as much, here are some options guaranteed to make a lady feel special.

*Friendly reminder: This list includes vibrators, which make excellent gifts for yourself and your partner. They do not make excellent gifts for people you’re not involved in a consensual, sexual relationship with.

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The Vesper Pendant: If you like sex and love jewelry, girl, do I have a vibrating necklace for you! The Vesper pendant is a clitoral vibrator that moonlights as an understated pendant necklace. It’s minimalist with a hint of “Inspector Gadget,” and I am ob-fucking-sessed. (Strangers seem to be, too; I have received multiple compliments on my gold-plated Vesper from friendly girls in the bar bathrooms, who have no idea I am wearing an orgasm aid around my neck. It makes me feel very James Bond.) I’ve been wearing the Vesper pendant for over a year, and I could not possibly love it more. Perhaps because it’s the only necklace I own that literally loves me back.
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