30 day total-body fitness challenge

A 30-Day Total-Body Fitness Challenge Even Us Lazy Ones Will Stick To

A no-equipment workout program you won't sway from.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

As fast as the ball drops, champagne glasses clink, and NYE smooches ring in January first, so does our resolve to getting our stuffing- and eggnog-fueled bodies back into tip-top shape. Sure, we didn’t hold back with the indulgences (because, ultimately, it’s about enjoying just as much as it is about feeling good) as we said good-f*cking-bye to 2017, but nothing makes us as energized, strong, and ready to take on what will surely be a better year (it has to be, friends!) as taking care of our bodies. So we dialed up the most positive, fun person we know, trainer Amanda Kloots, to create an exclusive full-body, no-equipment, 30-day fitness challenge to ring in the New Year on a high.



The Program

Each day you will rotate between two toning moves and one cardio move. A boost of cardio in the middle of each week will keep you feeling energized and motivated for more. You will grow with every week as you alternate the toning and cardio moves.

The Moves



Cardio Move #1: Jumping Jack with Elbow Jab

“Do a regular jumping jack, facing straight forward. Then do a jumping jack with an elbow jab to your right, stepping the right foot forward at the same time. Follow it by doing a jumping jack with an elbow jab to your left. Continue alternating sides until you’ve done 16 elbow jabs to the right and 16 elbow jabs to the left.”



Cardio Move #2: Knees to Standing Position

“Your starting position is on your knees with your hands behind your head and your shoulders down. Begin with your right foot and step up, followed by your left foot and stand up tall. Once you are standing, lead with your right foot and kneel back down to your knee, followed by the left. Do this exercise eight times starting with your right foot, and then eight times starting with your left foot.”


Toning (Abs) Move #3: Kneeling with a Side Crunch

“Start in a kneeling position with your right leg bent at a 90-degree angle to the side, with your hands behind your head and your shoulders down. Bend your abs to your right side so that your right elbow touches your right knee. Twist your torso to the back, so that your left elbow now touches the right knee. Turn forward again to touch your right elbow to your right knee, and come back up to starting position. Do this exercise eight times on your right side, switch legs, and complete this exercise eight times on the left side.”


Toning (Arms) Move #4: Elbow and Shoulder Taps

“Start in a modified plank position on your knees. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders. Begin with your right arm and bend so your forearm is touching the ground. Do the same move on your left side (you should now have both forearms on the ground). Push up on your right side, then on your left side (you should now be back in plank position). Take your right hand and cross over to touch your left shoulder. Take your left hand and cross over to touch your right shoulder. Repeat this combination eight times.”


Toning (Leg) Move #5: Curtsy Lunge with a Twist

“Start with your right leg slightly behind your left leg in a curtsy position. Bend both legs to curtsy down. On your way up to standing, bring your right leg up and in front of your body to a twist. Twist the upper half of your body to bring your left elbow to your right knee. Do this exercise eight times on the right and eight times on the left.”

Shot on location at Bandier Studio B. Amanda is wearing all Bandier. 

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