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Everyone Is Cutting Their Hair but I’m Trying to Make Mine Longer

Here's how I keep it long, thick, and wavy.

Everyone Is Cutting Their Hair but I’m Trying to Make Mine Longer
Alec Kugler

For a while it felt like everyone was doing something extreme to their hair, like cutting it off into a bob or dying it platinum blonde. And for someone like me, who has only ever gone to the extreme of getting bangs and then growing them out, I felt somewhat left out. Not necessarily because I didn’t do anything to my hair, but because I had no desire to.

I’ve honestly always just liked my hair the way it is. It’s long, it’s thick, and it’s really dark; it’s one of my defining characteristics. It makes me impossibly hot in the summer and keeps me warm in the winter; it never stays in place when I need it to, and strands of it frequently stick to my NARS lipstick (which is, by the way, almost always Afghan Red). And even when I hate it, I love it, and I never do much to it.

I recently cut a couple inches off in the summer, and I felt 10 pounds lighter, but recently I’ve found myself mourning the missing length. In order to make the next couple of inches possible, heres what I do every Sunday to keep my hair healthy and how I get it prepped and wavy for the week ahead. 

Mane ‘N Tail Shampoo and Conditioner: Mane ‘N Tail is my ride-OR-die. I will never stop using this shampoo and conditioner. Everyone always comments on how healthy my hair is, and I think this is probably one of the secrets behind it. I’ve been using it for years, and I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for my hip-grazing length because of how moisturizing it is. More moisture, which means less breakage, which means a never-ending flow of thick locks.
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