What Jen Atkin’s New Ouai Fragrances Really Smell Like

We review the famous hairstylist’s three new perfumes.

By: Katie Becker

The cult-beloved hair care brand launched by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, OUAI, will launch a set of three new fragrances today: a white floral called Rue St Honore, an airy, musky floral called Mercer St, and a warm woody-rose called Melrose Place. “I’m constantly traveling between Los Angeles, New York, and Paris for work,” Atkin told us. “I named them after my favorite streets in each city that I think represent the vibe of the OUAI girls. But the scents are the same as our signature OUAI No. 1, No. 4, and No. 5 that you’ll smell in our shampoos, hair oil, and Rose Hair & Body Oil (respectively) and are the most requested.”

When Atkin first started her product line, her minimalistic-chic bottles instantly appeared in the showers and travel beauty bags of Instagram’s top It girls. Hey, with 2.1 million followers and BFFs like Chrissy Teigen, Atkin is at no loss of fans. She’s also at no loss of great ideas. “We received an unbelievable amount of DM’s from our followers asking us to create fragrances from our scents since day one, really,” she told us. After getting to work with her fragrance house Givaudan—including some of the same noses who blend for Tom Ford—we have our OUAI fragrances.

We sent the trio of scents around the office for a quick sniff test. Our editors picked their favorites and told us exactly why.

Leah Faye Cooper, Features Editor

First of all, I’m very into the name Melrose Place (talk about a classic ’90s show!), but in addition to that, the fragrance strikes the perfect balance between sweet and dewy. I also love that it’s a rollerball—I only like to wear a hint of scent, and rollers make it much easier to control how much you put on. Nice job, Jen!

Katie Becker, Beauty Director

I’m preferential to anything Jen does because she’s just a really good person and has always understood girl power in a way I’ve admired since I met her. BUT! I digress… My favorite of these three new fragrances is Melrose Place. This is not only because I wish I was in L.A. right now, but because the woods-rose-lemon blend makes me feel more fall-y and comfortable with the fact that I’m indeed in cold, dark New York.

Hannah Baxter, Assistant Editor

You can call me an old lady all you want, but intensely floral scents are my jam. There’s something incredibly warm and comforting to OUAI’s Rue St. Honore, and I love the way the ylang ylang and violet notes develop on my skin after a few minutes. I’m not surprised, since I tend to surround myself with any and all Parisian things—baguettes, wine, darkly handsome men—so it’s fitting that my fragrance matches my preferred lifestyle.

Tara Gonzalez, Assistant Editor

I’m born and raised in New York, so I’m truly a sucker for anything named after a good New York City street. I had a feeling I’d like the Mercer Street fragrance even before I smelled it, and I was right! It was definitely my favorite of the trio, and not just because of the name. It was citrusy in the best way and reminded me of a fresh Creamsicle from a Mr. Softee truck in the summer. And unlike any actual NYC street, it definitely omitted the lingering garbage odor. As much as I love New York as it is, I’m totally cool with Jen Atkin’s fresh interpretation.

Monique Kamargo, Photo Producer

My favorite scent is Mercer St. It’s both musky and floral, with light notes of lemon and lily. I also love how small the bottle is, because I can leave it in my purse and put it on whenever I forget to put on perfume before heading out (which is basically always!).