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This Is What Kim Kardashian’s New Crystal Fragrance Actually Smells Like

According to 5 of our editors.

By: Katie Becker

After plenty of Insta-teasing, the three KKW fragrances from Kim Kardashian West have launched. Here are the major deets: Each is heavy on the gardenia (Kardashian West’s favorite flower) with one citrus version and one oud version; the crystal-shaped bottles were inspired by the healing crystals she turned to after trying times in the last year (i.e. after the Paris robbery); and they are limited edition. Despite the likely flurry to get your hands on one, the fragrances are intended to instill a sense of calm and zen.

Want our take? We got our hands on one—the central signature scent KKW Crystal Gardenia—and gave it a whirl around the office. Below, our take.

Laurel Pantin: “It’s very powdery and straightforward. It definitely smells like a ‘fragrance,’ if that makes sense. Most of the things I like and wear are more woodsy or a little weirder or more complex, but I think everyone would agree this smells like a perfume. It’s very old-school feminine.”

Leah Cooper: “Given Kim’s flair for the dramatic I was expecting this to be overwhelming, but it’s pretty mellow. I can’t put my finger on the notes, but it smells like a tropical vacation (if that makes sense?) Also, I appreciate the bottle—it reminds me of a diamond.”

Meg Gegler: “It smells fresh, professional and like a summer in the Hamptons! I was expecting something dramatic, but was pleasantly surprised at how subtle the scent was—this is coming from someone who’s sensitive and almost allergic to most perfumes, too.”

Hannah Baxter: “I wasn’t expecting for KKW’s first fragrance to smell so clean and minimal, but I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised. It reminds me of a humid spring rain, and I could easily wear it for both daytime and evening. Plus, the crystal-inspired bottle is basically shelf art!”

Katie Becker: “When anyone wears this, there will be no mistaking which fragrance you are wearing. It is a big bold bouquet of gardenia. I think the bottle is super clever. The shape is a statement, but the color is subdued, so it strikes a nice balance—and balance was Kim’s intention all along.”

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