Adding These Neon Signs to Our Wish Lists Stat

Consider this the *coolest* way to upgrade your walls.

By: Noah Lehava

Going by what we’ve seen in the bajillion homes and spaces we’ve been in, neon signs can make a bare wall infinitely cooler. Just throw it over a fully stocked bar or DJ setup (with Coveteur-styled red sneakers on top) à la Kitty Cash, have it custom-made and hung above a bed Erica Malbon-style, or use it to propose with (this *actually* happened!), as Kristen Noel Crawley’s husband did. Whatever way you use your neon words, it’s always a good idea. Just peruse through some of our favorites from Coveteur’s past, and you’ll see what we mean.

“I bought this old Misfits t-shirt at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and was inspired by the typeface. I asked one of the graphic designers who works at my husband’s office to create a similar look but using my kids’ nicknames. They turned out so well, I had them made into neon signs that hang above their beds.”

Erica Malbon

“The neon signs are on often. They use little energy; at night, my windows are purple from the combo of the red and blue.”

Curtis Kulig

“The ‘Fuck’ hat is written by Robert Crumb; he’s amazing. They were given to me. I have one in tan, too. I work with a neon master by the name of Jeff Friedman. Love magazine is a great magazine that you will hopefully know even better soon. I like Ellen von Unwerth’s earlier stuff the best, and I really like her as a person.”

Curtis Kulig

“The Heaven sign is by British artist Anthony James, and I bought it at a charity auction for The Art of Elysium.”

Jen Atkin & Mike Rosenthal

“I have loved the neon signs for a while now and have been wanting one ever since I saw Tracey Emin’s amazing pieces. The ‘Forever & Ever’ was my Valentine’s Day gift from my better half. It’s very special and holds a very dear place in my heart!”

Nasiba Adilova

“I made a custom neon sign for my man a few years back, and it got so much love that I had to make one up for myself. Beyoncé’s song had just come out, and it was my anthem at the time. I picked the font and had it made. Domaine Instagrammed a photo of it a while back, and the picture became a huge hit on the web for resharing. I loved it!”

Nikki Erwin

“[My favorite artist?] The impossible question! There are so many... I love Kandinsky’s early improvisational works, the Bauhaus troop, [Richard] Serra, Christian Marclay, David Shrigley, [James] Turrell, Martin Boyce, Lydia Okumura, I could go on all day…

“[Right now] I’m excited about JPW3, Sam Moyer, and Chris Page!”

Roya Sachs

“This Hermès briefcase is another great gift from my amazing wife, Dee. We love the Tracey Emin neon.”

Tommy & Dee Hilfiger

“[This is] my Kebab Lamp by Committee Design House. Each lamp is a one-off unique piece made of vintage bits and bobs collected from markets all over the world.”

Zayan Ghandour