We Combined 3 of Instagram’s Favorite Things for 1 Very Sparkly Shoot

The first step was procuring some serious diamonds.

We Combined 3 of Instagram’s Favorite Things for 1 Very Sparkly Shoot

As Diamond Week comes to a close (does it really have to end?!), we wanted to go out with a major bang. Said bang came in the form of some of the most spectacular diamonds we’ve ever seen from brands both large and small in styles both traditional and contemporary.

But because mere diamonds aren’t enough, we added a dash of slime, a touch of KiraKira—we even considered shooting this all on a hairless cat—for the most extra shoot ever.

Scroll through to see how to layer diamonds like it’s your job, or to just give your brain a rest. It’s Friday, after all, and this week was rough for all of us.


We love the mix of this Tiffany HardWear bracelet with Jemma Wynne’s pave bangles.

On the Left: Bangles, Sorellina; Chain Bracelet, Tiffany; Ring, John Hardy

On the Right: Bangles, Jemma Wynne; Dome Ring, Established; Signet Ring, Jemma Wynne


Vram’s brown diamond pebble ring is truly the stuff of dreams.

On the Left: Bracelet, John Hardy; Bracelet, Tiffany; Ring, John Hardy; Ring, Vram

On the Right: Bracelet, Jade Trau; Bangles, Jacquie Aiche; Bracelet, Anita Ko; Ring, Spinelli Kilcollin


Proof that more is more!

On the Left: Bracelet, Stephen Webster; Bracelet & Ring, Anita Ko; Ring, Anne Sisteron

On the Right: Bracelet, Tiffany; Ring, Ileana Makri; Ring, David Yurman

Two words: Tiffany. Diamonds.

On the Left: Bracelets and Ring, Tiffany

On the Right: Bangles and Ring, Tiffany; Line Bracelet, Eva Fehren

This is our best attempt at “subtle.”

On the Left: Cuff, Mindi Mond; Ring, Tiffany

On the Right: Cuffs, Mindi Mond; Bracelet, Established; Ring, Mindi Mond; Ring, Anita Ko


This Sorellina flower ring sparkled this bright, even without KiraKira.

On the Left: Bracelet, Sorellina; Ring, David Yurman; Ring, Colette; Ring Stack, Eva Fehren

On the Right: Bracelet, Eva Fehren necklace; Ring, Sorellina


Bulgari’s Serpenti bangles turn us into the drooly face emoji.

On the Left: Bracelet, John Hardy; Bracelet, Anita Ko; Bracelet, Bulgari; Ring, John Hardy

On the Right: Bracelet, Bulgari; Bracelet, Jemma Wynne; Ring, Hirotaka; Ring, Jemma Wynne; Ring, Bario Neal

We had a very hard time saying goodbye to this Colette starry bracelet.

On the Left: Bracelet, John Hardy; Bracelet & Ring, Established

On the Right: Bracelet, Colette; Ring, Jade Trau; Ring, Spinelli Kilcollin; Ring, Hirotaka

This combination of classic (Bulgari Serpenti) and contemporary (Paige Novick hand cuff) makes us feel crazy—in a very good way.

On the Left: Cuff, Bulgari; Ring, Swati Dhanak

On the Right: Cuff, Swati Dhanak; Ring, Jemma Wynne; Ring, Bulgari; Hand Cuff, Paige Novick


(DaMonica wears all DeBeers diamonds)

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