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Stella Maxwell’s 5 Favorite Toning Moves

The Victoria’s Secret model also likes to get wrapped up like a burrito to sweat it all out.

Stella Maxwell’s 5 Favorite Toning Moves
Ben Ritter

It’s the happiest season of all—it’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show season! And the Angels are revving up their workout and wellness routines in preparation for strapping on their wings and slipping into the laciest confections for the runway. For Stella Maxwell, that means getting rolled up in a blanket burrito for a sweat, refueling with avocado (topped with her special seasonings), and a full-body toning yoga session with Sky Ting Yoga trainer Beth Cooke. We rolled out our mats, got into our best downward-facing dog, and pressed the Angel for what it really takes to get a lean body like hers.


How do you stay fit while traveling?

Stella Maxwell: “While traveling, I pack my yoga mat—it makes it a really convenient workout. Otherwise, I just pack my trainers, my VS sport and Angel Max sports bra, and just head down to the gym at my hotel.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve tried in the name of health and wellness?

SM: “In L.A., I’ve been doing sweats. You go into a sweat bed, and they wrap you up in like a burrito—it’s like infrared sauna within a sweat burrito. It’s incredibly hot. You can’t really focus on anything but being hot, but it’s a really good cleansing.”

What does your dream breakfast look like?

SM: “I really like oatmeal in the morning with some banana, honey, and some almonds.”

What’s your favorite way to refuel?

SM: “I really like nuts, and lemon and chili on avocado with oil is really good. I like all of the dried veggie chips. I love coffee. And protein bars are really great, too.”

If you could eat one healthy meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SM: “Probably an amazing salad. Really fresh, with some fruit and vegetables like watermelon, burrata, and tomatoes. I love that!”


Move #1

Low Lunge

“Stack the knee on top of the right ankle, so that the right foot steps forward, so that you open up the front of the hip flexor of the left leg. Reach your arms up towards the sky, so you’re lengthening your spine. Breathe.

“These moves are super grounding, but we’re also opening up the front of the hips, the backs of the legs, engaging the core, then stretching out the front-side body.”


Move #2

Runner’s Stretch

“Walking your hands back in space from the low lunge, straighten out the right leg as best you can. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. Flex your front foot, and think of gliding the right hip back in line with the left. You’ll feel a deeper stretch in your hamstring here. Then think of lengthening your chest forward. You can fold in around over the front leg.”


Move #3

Upper Push-Up Plank

“Tuck the back toes; straighten out the left knee. Palms planted on the ground, step your right foot back. This will engage your core.”


Move #4

Chaturanga to Upward-Facing Dog

“From upper push-up plank, lower down into chaturanga. Keep looking forward and tuck your toes, press your heart forward and up into upward-facing dog—your hips are hovering off the ground here. Press the tops of the toes (shoelace part of the foot) into the ground, and make sure your collarbones are spread wide.”


Move #5

Child’s Pose

“Lower your knees down and press back to a wide-kneed child’s pose, which is a place to rest, catch your breath, and regain your focus.”


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