6 Moves Pro Boxers Swear By

6 Moves Pro Boxers Swear By

According to George Foreman III. (Yes, the son of *that* George Foreman.)

Ben Ritter

Like many fitness enthusiasts, we’re *very* into boxing these days. The allure is twofold: On one hand, throwing punches, shuffling your feet, and learning—or improving upon—a skill is far more enjoyable than running aimlessly on the treadmill. On the other hand, have you seen what boxing devotees look like?

The latest boxing destination we’ve found ourselves running to is EverybodyFights. Founded by George Foreman III, the gym has two locations in Boston and one in NYC, each offering boxing, cardio, and strength-training classes (some taught by Foreman himself) as well as free weights and machines for those who want to do their own thing. We recently chatted with Foreman about the gym and his life as an entrepreneur, and we didn’t let the conversation end without getting some workout tips.

Ahead, Foreman breaks down six boxing and conditioning moves he swears by.


Move #1

1-2 Combo, Jab and Straight-Right

Fist begins directly in front of the lead shoulder with elbow tucked. Extend arm as though you’re shaking someone’s hand, and twist elbow while turning palm downward at the last second upon impact. As you bring the punch back to your face for protection, rotate right hip forward, spin rear foot until heel comes off of the ground, and extend your right arm, rotating your palm toward the ground upon impact. Snatch both punches back to starting position faster than you throw them. When hitting the Double End bag, fight the urge to punch through the bag. Simply connect with the outer surface of the bag and snatch your punch back. This will increase your accuracy and speed.

The 1-2 punch can be an effective cardio burnout that also works your legs and core.


Move #2

7-8 Combo, Hooks to the Body

Rotate your right hip forward, break at the knees and hips, and drop down. As you deliver the left hook to the body, turn your left palm to the side and snatch your right hip into position. As you snatch your left hook back, use the energy expended from the recoil to deliver the right hook to the body. When throwing the right hook, you will extend into a complete lunge and loop the punch into the kidney area.

This focuses on hips and abs, providing a great core workout.


Move #3

Speed Bag

Square up against the speed bag and make sure your chin is level with the bottom of the bag. Start with an open hand to establish a rhythm and hit the bag in small circles. Keep the circles small and rotate from left hand to right hand. Beginners can start with elbows out for increased accuracy as you develop your rhythm. As you become more advanced, tuck in your elbows so that they’re in proper boxing position.

This conditions the shoulder muscles while also developing speed, rhythm, timing, and hand eye coordination.


Move #4


Bend at your waist, and slip your head and shoulders to the left and right as though you’re trying to touch your elbows to your waistline. Slip to the right to avoid a left jab and slip to the left to avoid a straight right. Keep the hips stable and return your head back to your center between each slip.


Move #5

Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

Clean: Start from the deadlift position with the kettlebell behind your heels. Maintaining a flat back, grab the kettlebell by the horn with one hand, stand up and thrust your hips forward explosively as you pull your elbow in towards your lat. As the kettlebell becomes weightless, gently slide your hand under it, bringing the kettlebell into a racked position at the shoulder.
Jerk: Bend the knees slightly, stand up explosively as you punch the weight overhead. Squat under the weight as you lock out your elbow to stabilize the kettlebell, then stand up completely. Return the kettlebell to the starting position.

This works the hamstrings, quads, back and shoulders.


Move #6

Medicine Ball Slam

Start with a flat back and shins vertical. Lift the medicine ball overhead as you send your hips forward. With the ball overhead, pull your hips down and back, pull your elbows down and slam the ball into the ground. Keep your belly tucked in and do not round your back.

This works your triceps, core, calves and quads.


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