Getting Ready

What Would You Wear if You Were Invited to Dior’s Couture Show?

Caroline Vreeland has the answer.

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Emanuele D’Angelo

Remember that little event we mentioned, Diors Couture show from yesterday in Paris? When we say little, what we mean is “over-the-top beautiful, and when we say “event,” we really mean “gorgeous runway show and all-day party to celebrate.” If ever there was a time to stay away from social media for the sake of sparing yourself gut-wrenching FOMO, Couture week is that time.

In that vein, were preemptively apologizing for any anguish Caroline Vreelands Polaroid diary (shot by Emanuele DAngelo) of her day might cause—sorry, scratch that, will definitely cause. From having her hair and makeup done for the show, to taking pictures with fashion-loving fans, to a quick costume change before the party (and the requisite sultry poses with Dior shopping bags...), Vreeland lived out our Dior Couture fantasy yesterday (and documented the whole thing on our Instagram Story!). 

Click through to see everything that went down. 


“When I get ready, I listen to my sci-fi Podcast called Welcome to Night Vale.”

“While getting ready, I enjoy a full glass of chilled red wine and slivers of an aged cheddar.”

“For the show, I’m going full Grecian goddess.”

“If my makeup gets screwed up, I just go with it! If the eyeliner is messy I just smudge it in and make it more of a smoky look. But I’m never wearing enough face makeup that it would get weird.”

“Anything that gets weird [makeup-wise], you can just turn that into Rock’n’Roll I think.”

“The most important thing in my bag is my new Polaroid camera, which I cannot leave the house without.”

“Today we used a sort of red-gold metallic eyeshadow, and for my lip we used the Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in Berry. I don’t leave the house without it; it enhances your natural lip color, and it’s perfect for day. You never feel like you have too much on.”

“Ideally you always want to feel comfortable, but if your dress is constricting, or uncomfortable, but really, really beautiful—I say wear it. Let it live its best life!”

“I wish I had a wish for making it a full day and night in heels. I feel no pain below the ankle anymore because I’ve been in heels since the day I was born, and I think there’s no excuse for complaining. Never take your shoes off, and stay in your heels! Endure! I have heard that they’re injecting Botox into people’s feet to help with the pain; I haven’t done that yet.”

“The one Dior product that I can’t live without is the liquid eyeliner. It’s my absolute favorite. Precision!”