The Surprisingly Quick Workout Sports Illustrated Models Love

The Surprisingly Quick Workout Sports Illustrated Models Love

Mia Kang put us through the ringer (no pun intended) with this Muay Thai inspired routine.

Alec Kugler

When a Sports Illustrated model who practices Muay Thai on the reg offers to share some of the moves that she uses to get *that* body, you don’t say no. And that, my friends, is the story behind this week’s Workout GIF with the beauty that is Mia Kang. Kang trains with Master Celebrity Trainer Hollywood Hino—he also works with the likes of Lala Anthony, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Rowland, and now we can all add our names to that roster since well be at home, furiously jumping and plank-crawling around our apartments while catching up on 13 Reasons Why


 MOVE #1:


“I personally use a weighted rope, since it gets an additional serious arm workout in. Beginners can start slowly with an extra jump between the rope hitting the floor. As you become more comfortable, you can distribute your weight from one foot to the other on each jump or even kick your feet forwards and backwards. If you use a lighter rope, you can focus more on speed. This is amazing for people on the go or who travel a lot, like me, since a skipping rope is light and takes up no space in your bag.”


 MOVE #2:


“Try to get through a minute and a half—three minutes nonstop for advanced killers! Using any raised stable surface that can handle your body weight, start with one foot on and one foot off. Bring the foot on the ground to meet the other on the box, then bring the opposite foot down to the ground on the other side of the box. Alternate and increase speed. Keep your body and center of gravity very low. Thank me later!”


 MOVE #3:


“It’s booty time! This is an amazingly effective exercise that requires no space, so it can be done anywhere. Start with your feet together and take a large lunge forward and down so that both legs are at right angles. Come back up, feet back together, and alternate legs. You will feel this one burning quickly!”


 MOVE #4:


“Place an exercise mat down to ease your forearms. Start in a regular plank position on one side of the mat, ensuring your body is horizontal (and your bum isnt above or below shoulder level). Then walk yourself to the other side of the mat with your arms and legs while keeping your horizontal position. This is a fantastic core workout. Hello, summer abs!”


 MOVE #5:


“This version takes it a little further than a regular kettlebell squat. If done on a tire (not everyone has a tire laying around, so you can step each foot onto an aerobics step), then it allows you to squat even further down. Make sure your back stays straight, shoulders back, arms straight, and if you dont feel the burn, then challenge yourself with a heavier kettlebell!”

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