6 Exercises Every Model Does to Look Like *That*

If Gigi Hadid boxes, we have to, too.

By: Noah Lehava

We have a confession: the occasional weekend dance party typically tops our workout quota. But since a sweaty session in some low-ceilinged bar is pretty much undone by all the vodka sodas consumed, we figured we’d explore some, um, more legitimate fitness options. Cue in: boxing.


Boxing has a pretty good track record, as illustrated by the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Ebonee Davis, Adrianna Lima, et. al., so it’s high time we get on the bandwagon. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s actually fun, you get to punch stuff, and its a really intense, sweaty workout. But since we’re no pros in the ring, we asked L.A.’s Prevail (which also happens to be frequented by Amanda Seyfried) founder Milan Costich to show us the basics with six moves that real boxers do to get ready for the ring.



“Do each exercise for one minute (as hard as possible), four times through for a full-body workout.”



Punching with weights

PUNCHING WITH WEIGHTS Punching with weights is a great way to... Read More

“Punching with weights is a great way to practice your punches, build long, lean muscle, and improve your endurance. Perfect your technique by making sure you’re getting full extension with each punch, rotate your thumbs downward at the end of each punch, and bring each hand all the way back to your chin to protect your face in between punches. To challenge yourself further, combine it with jogging in place for an extra cardio burn.”




Jumping lunges

JUMPING LUNGES Boxing is about so much more than just working... Read More

“Boxing is about so much more than just working out your arms! You’ll want to be able to move your feet quickly, so strong, lean legs are a must. Jumping lunges will work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Start by doing a forward lunge, making sure your front knee does not bend past your toes. Jump up and switch legs in the air, catching your jump in a lunge position on the opposite side. Continue jumping and switching sides for a minute.”





Close grip push-ups

“Boxers need to be quick, which means you need long, lean muscles in your arms (but forget about that bulk!). Tone up your triceps with this simple variation of the classic push-up by bringing your hands as close together as you can, and push up in a slow and controlled motion. Be sure to keep your core tight, glutes squeezed together, and fire through the hamstrings to create a rigid body that is fully activated…much like the plank.”

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Palms to ceiling

“Building a strong core is so essential to executing proper boxing technique. Start in sit-up position with knees bent. Raise your arms perpendicular to your body with your palms facing up. Using your core, lift your shoulder blades off the ground, reaching your palms towards the ceiling. Hold at the top for 3 seconds to really feel the burn—it will pay off in the power of your punches!”

PALMS TO CEILING Building a strong core is so essential to... Read More



Plank with knees to elbows

“A plank is one of the simplest, most effective full-body exercises there is! We like this knees-to-elbows variation; you’ll fire more muscle groups, which makes it a little more challenging! Start in push-up position, making sure your back is neutral and your body is on one plane. With as much control as possible, bring your left knee diagonally to your right elbow. Continue alternating sides to really activate your glutes, back, abs, and obliques!”

PLANK WITH KNEES TO ELBOWS A plank is one of the... Read More




SKIERS We couldn’t let you finish without getting in some heart-pumping... Read More

“We couldn’t let you finish without getting in some heart-pumping cardio! Place your weight on the floor to use as your ‘skier.’ Keeping both feet together, jump side to side over your weight, making sure to absorb your momentum with your feet, and spring back up quickly using your calves. This quick, repetitive exercise will keep your footwork sharp for boxing and keep your heart rate up for your health!”