5 Yoga Stretches You Need to Know Before Going to Your Next Class

Sky Ting Yoga brings us back to the basics.

5 Yoga Stretches You Need to Know Before Going to Your Next Class

Sometimes, we get ahead of ourselves. This applies to everything—if its new and sounds exciting, were trying it or buying it. This probably, nay, most definitely happened with yoga when we did our first downward dog, were sure. But now were older and wiser, so in an effort to make every workout as effective and efficient as possible—because whats the point in doing it if youre not doing it right?—we asked our friends, Sky Ting Yogas Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, to bring us back to the basics with the five fundamental stretches to perfect before our next class.

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Downward Facing Dog

Set up your hands shoulder-distance apart and your feet hips-distance apart. Find a hinge of the hips with the seat lifting high. Keep a soft bend in the knees, and wrap the armpits to face towards the ears. Stay for 10 breaths. 

This pose is so simple and potent—it’s considered an inversion, since the head is lower than the heart, which aids in circulation. It also opens the hamstrings, lengthens the spine, relieves the neck, and is energizing!



Camel Pose

Standing on your knees and shins placed hip-distance apart, take your hands to your low back, elbows wrapping towards one another. Lift the center of the chest to the ceiling, with the option to take the hands back to the heels to deepen the back bend. Stay here for 5-8 breaths, and then return back upright and take a few breaths sitting back on the heels for the spine to reset. 

Camel is an energizing back bend. Its great for a confidence boost and an increase of energy. It’s also nice to open up the throat, which stimulates the thyroid gland.




Supta Padagustasana 

Lying on your back, extend your right leg up to the ceiling (we recommend looping a strap or towel around the ball of the foot) and the left leg extended long on the floor. Stay here for 5-10 breaths, and switch sides!
This pose helps to open up the hamstrings, calves, and relieves lower back pain.



Crescent Lunge

Lunge your right foot forward, and tap the back knee down. Drive the pelvis forward, and reach the arms up alongside the ears—hook the thumbs, and lift through the sides of the waist. Stay for 5 breaths, and switch sides. 

Cresent Lunge is a back bend, which is great for opening the chest, shoulders, and lungs. It also stretches the back thigh and psoas muscle that is so tight on everyone.



Janu Sirsasana

From a seated position, open the right knee out to the side, sealing the foot to your inner left thigh. Place the left elbow on the inside of the left knee. Reach your right arm up and over your ear, and lengthen the side body. Stay here for 5 breaths, and switch sides. 

This one is great for opening the side body and kidney area, and helps with deep breathing.


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