April 2017 Horoscopes: Capricorn

April 2017 Horoscopes: Capricorn


Hannah Becker

You’re usually pretty tight-lipped, but when Venus retrograde in Pisces hits your self-expression zone, you can’t keep your feelings in anymore. Whether you talk it out, journal your thoughts, or write a song about it, your inner thoughts have to go somewhere! Saturn, your patron planet, will be retrograde too starting on the 6th, to taking a more creative approach works wonders. By the time Venus is direct again on the 15th, you feel much more clear-headed and might even have a new and exciting piece of art to show for it.

Starting on the 9th, Mercury retrograde in your pleasure house could make it feel like the fun got temporarily sucked out of your life, but that’s okay. The challenge here is to make your own happiness. Pluto retrograde in your sign on the 20th turns the lights on in your psychic closet and exposes any skeletons, the same day that Mercury retrograde moves into your emotions sector. The bottom line? Get rid of the baggage. An affectionate Taurus new moon on 26th smooths things over, and an alignment between Saturn and Chiron on the 30th puts it all into a more spiritual perspective.

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