Hilaria Baldwin Is Husband Alec’s “Girlfriend, Not Wife” After 8 PM

How the latin ballroom dancer turned yoga teacher (and studio owner) balances a healthy lifestyle, three itty bitty kids, and spending time with her husband, Alec Baldwin.

Hilaria Baldwin Is Husband Alec’s “Girlfriend, Not Wife” After 8 PM

When we hear of a born-and-raised athlete—like a dancer—we automatically assume that eating well and being active is, for them, habitual. That is, if we’re discounting the mounting pressures of being in a profession that weighs so heavily on body image. Err, remember Black Swan...?

Hilaria Baldwin (yes, wife to Alec) understands this better than anyone: during her career as a latin ballroom dancer, she suffered from bulimia, a side effect of the aforementioned pressures. For her, overcoming her eating disorder and living a truly healthy lifestyle wasn’t only good for her, it was critical—so she wrote a book, The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life, about her transition. Now the yoga instructor and owner of the studio Yoga Vida peppers her days with family time and dinners with Alec (aka an essential part of her wellness “routine”), all while running a business and attending speaking engagements. Here’s what a typical day looks like for her.


5 AM: “I sleep with my baby and young children, so sleep time is an eventful time for us. But I’m usually up (officially) by five o’clock in the morning.”

6 AM: “I feed everybody. And bathe [all my children] at the same time.”

7 AM: “The kids go off to their activities. Carmen goes to nursery school, and Rafael takes some mommy-and-me classes. We walk the dogs together. There are lot of things we have to take care of in my house; the two dogs, three babies, and my husband, Alec [Baldwin].”


8 AM: “I try and do a workout in the morning. I’ll go for a four-mile run—I have two routes. I run over by the West Side Highway, over by the pier. You can see the Statue of Liberty, you get the fresh air coming off of the wateras fresh as the air can get in Manhattan. One of the routes ends up by my house, where I can go do yoga at [my studio,] Yoga Vida. The other route ends up at Physique 57, where I can do barre.”

11 AM: “One of my favorite places, Salon V, is right around the corner from my house. Last year in the fall, I found Joseph [Bennett], who is like my hair soul mate. It’s so great because I work and I shoot a lot, and I can just walk over, and he does a really amazing blowout. I feel very lucky to have found them.”


12 PM: “For lunch, I love Just Salad. It’s also very close to our house. They have really great ingredients; you can get a bowl, or you can buy one of their bowls and bring it with you. Youre doing something good for the environment, which is nice.”

1:30 PM: “Every day is a bit different, but I work with Extra TV [as a spokesperson]. I do a lot of different interviews and contribute to magazines and campaigns, so my day is filled with those obligations.”

5 PM: “I run home to go be with the kids. The evening—especially dinnertime—is all about the kids. My kids eat very healthy, but they are picky toddlers. I’ll make an entire meal, and then they’ll stick their tongues out, even though they ate the same thing three days ago.”


6:30 PM: “Then we get the kids off to bed. Carmen likes to read stories, Rafael likes to cuddle before bed, and Leo is attached to me like a little koala.”

7:30 PM: “At night, it’s my husband’s time. He says, ‘At night, you’re not my wife, you’re my girlfriend, and I want to go out with you.’ So once I have the kids all settled, I go off and be with him.”

8 PM: “We are very boring; we go out to a few different spots in the neighborhood. We go to a Greek place called Village Taverna, which is delicious and has amazing food. We go to Japonica, a Japanese restaurant. We will go to this place called Nix, which is a vegetarian restaurant, and they have amazing wine. We go to Grey Dog. We’re creatures of habit.”


9 PM: “Last night, Alec spoke at the Roundabout Theatre Gala, and we were in a completely different part of town—we thought we were wild. We went to Docks restaurant and were like, ‘This is wild.’ We were so proud of ourselves, going to a different restaurant. [laughs]”

10:30 PM: “If I could get to bed by 8 PM, that would be amazing, but that never usually happens—that’s just my fantasy. My nighttime routine is pretty simple. I really focus on what I eat and try to eat really clean, because I really do think that beauty comes from the inside out. But I use products that are going to be as delicate on my skin as possible. The baby usually wakes up around 1 o’clock in the morning, and that’s when I start my up-all-night-and-dosing routine.”

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