This Full-Body Workout Doesn’t Require Any Equipment

Courtesy of Bari Studio’s head trainer.

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Landon Speers

Remember how I *just* said I started workout out really hard and feel better than ever? You didn’t think I was going to keep that feeling to myself, did you? Meet: Tiffani Robbins, the head trainer at Bari Studio, and my personal guide to wellbeing via bouncing aggressively on a trampoline.

While we did spend most of our time bouncing on the trampoline, I (and I’m guessing you) don’t have one at home, or easy access to one. So instead, Tiffani showed me some of the signature moves from their Micro classes (which focus on “micro” toning rather than cardio) that I (and you) can do at home, or anywhere.



Move #1

Lunge and Twist


“Lunge back with your right leg (keeping your front knee directly over your ankle and weight in your front heel), then stand up on your left leg while bringing your right knee up. Kick your right leg straight in front of you with a flexed foot, and stretch your arms out parallel to the floor (left arm reaches front, right arm reaches back) and twist your upper body to face right side, feeling the twist in the waist. Return to lunge position, and repeat ten times before switching sides.”


Move #2

Curtsy Squat

“Step your right leg out into a plie squat with both knees and toes turned out to the sides, your hips directly underneath your shoulders and both knees bent at a 90 degree angle, with your arms reaching out to your sides. Stand up on your left leg and cross your right leg behind at diagonal into curtsy lunge with both knees bent and hips facing forward (back heel lifted, front heel pressing down), and your arms reaching up. Stand up and return to plie squat. Repeat ten times, and then switch sides.”


Move #3

The Extra Kick-Back

“Place your hands and knees on a mat with your shoulders over your hands and your hips over your knees. Keep your back flat and your core tight in neutral position. Keep your right knee bent at 90 degrees and lift your leg behind you keeping your knee pointing down to floor and your heel reaching up to ceiling. Return to neutral, and then holding 90 degree angle, lift your right leg directly to side. Return to neutral, and repeat ten times on each side.”


Move #4

Side Squeezers

“Place your hands and knees on a mat with your shoulders over your hands and your hips over your knees. Keep your back flat and your core tight. Straighten your right leg behind you, parallel to the floor with flexed foot and your leg turned out to the side. Lower your leg and tap the floor behind you, then lift it back to parallel, engaging your right glute. Bend your right knee, crunching it into the side of your body—aiming for the right tricep and your engaging right oblique. Return to having your leg extended straight behind you. Repeat ten times, then switch sides.”


Move #5

Pike Press Up

“Start in plank position on your hands with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips in line with your shoulders. Holding plank, crunch your right knee into your chest. Then straighten and press your right leg up to the ceiling at a diagonal as you lift your hips up to pike position, keeping your core engaged. Return to plank with your knee crunched into your chest.”


Move #6

Side Plank with a Twist!

“Place your left elbow directly under your shoulder and come up to side plank with your feet stacked on top of each other. Your hips should be lifted in line with your body. Reach your right arm up towards the ceiling, then lower your right arm and reach underneath your left armpit without letting your hips move. Return to side plank with your arm reaching up, and lift and crunch your top knee into your side while bending your top arm, elbow to knee. Return to side plank, then repeat ten times before switching sides.”