Fred Castleberry

The menswear designer who collects everything from tennis racquets to taxidermy.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Alec Kugler

Fred Castleberry, designer behind the made-to-measure outerwear and suit shop F.E. Castleberry, is not a minimalist. He’s also confident in that. He completely and utterly epitomizes his lifestyle of choice—one that hits at the intersection of being both buttoned up and a little undone at all times. As evidenced by the fact that everything from his signature red beanie to stocked book collection is reflective of this classic yet modern, traditional but fun, “ready-to-play-sports-in-a-tuxedo thing.” It’s all very JFK-meets-Wes Anderson. And while there’s dashes of Americana and British rowing culture, it’s not overtly preppy. Like the first time we met Castleberry when shooting friend Nikki Kule (the designer on the quest to make the perfect striped shirt), wearing an all-red tracksuit, signature tortoise glasses, and a camel overcoat. It was basically Coveteur bait.

Fast-forward a few months later and we found ourselves at the Ralph Lauren alum’s Brooklyn home—covered in antiques, handwritten notes, taxidermy, vintage athletic gear, with stripes, color, and camel accents at every turn. If you follow his Instagram adventures, it’s basically everything you’d think it would be. With a closet filled with more tuxedo jackets, custom suits, and smoking slippers than we’d ever seen (basically a GQ-themed dream). Which you’ll see in all its glory as he shot golf balls off his roof with our photographer, after all the fun and games, we got down to chatting about what it really takes to build a wardrobe and look. According to the designer, it’s all about collecting images and personal style references. Which is a really simple, makes-total-sense answer. We kind of have a feeling Castleberrys home and wardrobe might serve as inspiration enough for you...or all the men in your life to start collecting your own references.