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This Is What a Typical Day Looks Like for Tracy Anderson

Tailgating the trainer from her new Tribeca studio to shopping for Dolce & Gabbana.

This Is What a Typical Day Looks Like for Tracy Anderson
Alec Kugler

When Tracy Anderson isn’t training the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, or (insert other extremely fit, healthy and beautiful human here), she’s fervently building her fitness empire. With eight (!) studios scattered throughout L.A., New York, The Hamptons, and all the way to London, her private clients, filming streamable classes of her method, and acting as face for organic and natural beauty brand, Ecco Bella, she still finds time to connect with her Tracy Anderson Method devotees (often posting encouraging affirmations of their progress on her personal feed). And thats precisely the kind of good-hearted person she is. So when she asked us to hang out with her to see what a real day in her life was like, let’s just say we were curious.  


6:50 AM: I usually wake up every day right around this time because I want to give my son a hug and an “I love you, have a great day!” before he heads off to school.

7 AM: Then, I’ll get Penny, my four-year-old, ready, which is more of a task than I could have ever imagined. She’s really, really into fashion—way more than I can remember being, and she’s only four! So she takes a lot of getting-ready time.

7:20 AM: This is my time to mentally prepare for the class that I’m about to teach. What I do is I sequence nine to 13 different movements together for the muscular structure program that’s going to be delivered that week. It’s like organic plastic surgery for those that are showing up for it—to create balance where there’s imbalance in your muscular structure. So, I have to think about what did I do in last week’s class and come up with movements where the people that have been speaking the language of my method for a long time are ready to have a more intelligent conversation with their bodies week after week.


8:00 AM: The best thing I ever did for myself was to stop listening to the trends. I very simply wash my face with cleansing gel, put on Ecco Bella day cream, then I use a little tiny bit of concealer if I need it, a blushing balm on my lips and my cheeks, and I curl my eyelashes and that’s it.

I do wear that little bit of makeup to work out in. For me, it’s like showing up to my job, and I also really believe in performance, so how you show up for your workout really does psychosomatically matter to how you’re going to perform in your workout. For most women, if you just take a little bit more time to sort of pep yourself up, you will perform better. I’ve really looked into this, and empirically speaking, they’re less distracted with self-criticism and self-judgment during their workout, which is important. It just needs to be with products that are healthy because you’re sweating it into your pores.

8:50 AM: I always have an organic coffee with organic steamed whole milk before my workout, that’s all I have in the morning.

9 AM: I teach at 9 AM every morning no matter where I am. I always drink electrolytes during my workout. It’s really important to drink if you’re a sweater, it’s really important to drink electrolytes and not just water.


11 AM: This is my brunch time. I love eggs, so I usually do some kind of omelet with asparagus and cheese. I don’t eat any red meat and I don’t eat any gluten—those are the only two things I don’t eat any of—so it’s usually some kind of eggs and veggie, and then it’s not long before I’m into some chocolate.

When I’m in New York I love Charlie Bird and Locanda Verde a lot still. At Locanda Verde, I usually get their fish, but I love their ricotta, it’s like my favorite thing ever, and they will give me gluten-free toast. My very, very favorite is Bouley, that’s just like, ugh! If you have a special occasion it’s just absolutely incredible.

1:00 PM: The founder and owner of Kirna Zabete, Beth [Puccini], is a really dear friend and a client of mine. There’s no time in my schedule to be surfing the internet to shop, so I always tend to look to clients like Olivia Palermo for what to wear. And Beth is just one of these women that has such great taste, and she’ll literally send me racks of things and let me just pick it out. It’s like a dream.


2:00 PM: I’ll pick up Penny from school, and then I’m hitting my dining room table. I have a slew of calls and I’m also writing two books right now, so when I’m home, those are usually writing days for me.

2:30 PM: My favorite snacks are Eden’s Tamari almond snack packs. They’re organic and so good. And there’s this dark chocolate bar that’s called the Velvet Bar by Ultra Echo, they were so ridiculously good. I’m really a sucker for sweets.

3:00 PM: Some days by the time it’s 3 PM, Steven, who’s my publicist and also one of my best friends, and I are like, can we have a glass of wine yet [laughs]? And other days the day is so crazy that it might not be until 9 o’clock until we can actually sit down and eat dinner.

6:30 PM: If I’m at home in the Hamptons, my favorite dinner spots are 1770 House in East Hampton, Dopo in Sag Harbor, and The Highway. But typically I make dinner at home, and then it’s bath time and bedtime for Penny by 8PM.


8:15 PM: I’m on three different time zones because I have private training in London—we train everyone from Stella McCartney to Victoria Beckham. In New York, I have one studio that I’ve had in New York City for seven years, two in the Hamptons, and I’m building my largest studio left on 59th Street. And then in Los Angeles, I have a studio in Brentwood and one in Studio City. So there’s an endless clock to how many emails I’m answering or who needs support or what I need to be written for people, or what I need to be researching or creating—it’s just an endless stream.

9:30 PM: My unwinding really happens during my class time because it’s very meditative to me and when I’m with my friends and family over a glass of wine. Or when I shut it down and my kids just pile in my bed and we’re all watching a movie.

10:00 PM: I’ll wash my face, brush my teeth, and then I usually do something that’s not so brain-intensive but that’s meaningful to me. I’ll check in with my friends or I’ll search for new music because that’s one thing that I’m passionate about and love to do. I’ll read until I’m having to read a paragraph three times over to understand it.

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