How to Party Sans Alcohol

Tips and tricks so that you can wake up hangover-free.

How to Party Sans Alcohol

You know what they say: new year, new goals. Although no one believes us when we say it, a focus of ours this month is to drink less tequila sodas (and any other alcohol). If you know us at COV HQ, you know this is going to be very hard, but we’ve done it before, and know we’re capabale of doing it again. For anyone joining us, follow the below tips in order to shut down any haters giving you a hard time, and say hello to alcohol-free partying. We swear it’s still fun.


Pre-Game the Right Way


Staying up until 3 in the morning isn’t a natural thing for one’s body, but the alcohol you consume on those booze-infused blurry Friday nights convinces it that it’s totally normal. AKA, no alcohol may have you feeling like Cinderella, trying to get out of the party before the clock hits 12-even. The solution? Treat yourself to a nap and a fresh coffee before heading out into the night. It’ll up your chances of being able to make it through to the best part of the night: post-bar food.


Trick Yourself


If you’re anything like us, chances are you just like having something to hold on to while you’re out there on the dance floor showing off your best moves. A tall glass of lemon water does just the trick, or if you’re trying to trick your friends into thinking you’re drinking, opt for a ginger ale or soda water.


Make Friends with the Bartender


Chances are your friends aren’t happy that you’ve decided to take a break from alcohol (little do they know it’s going to give you a glowing complexion and allow you to make it to SoulCycle bright and early). Your best option here is to make a friend out of the bartender—find a time to chat to them solo, and let them know that whenever friends order a drink or shot for you, to simply serve you soda or water (if they don’t seem down, tell them you’re driving). Past 10 PM, your friends won’t know the difference.


Have a Comeback


Your response can range from serious and legit to deadpan, as long as it’s perfectly delivered. You can shut down any asshole who’s giving you a hard time over not drinking by making them feel super guilty (“I’m on antibiotics,” “I have a blood test in the morning,” “I’m an alcoholic”), followed by a JK! about 30 seconds later.


Give In to Mocktails


It’s a given that pretty much everyone has made fun of the word mocktail at some point in their life, but as we try to ease up on the alcohol (or kick it for good) this year, we’re turning to mocktails to get us through. In case the bartender wasn’t up for serving you soda water, check out their mocktail list and order them on the DL. Things are much easier when you’re attending a house party or hosting one of your own, as you can whip up your own. Need suggestions on what to make? You can start here.

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