The OpenTable of Workouts & Yoga in a Pod

The OpenTable of Workouts & Yoga in a Pod

These are the newest fitness classes in our favorite cities.

Whether you set resolutions or not, the moment the ball dropped, a slew of new (read: intense or hilarious) workouts are exactly what you (and we) need. An unexpected update to your routine hot yoga sesh; last-minute and credit card bill-friendly workouts that you can book right when your willpower is at a high; boxing you can do in your living room between Netflix binges; and an intense athletic-based fitness class for the exercise masochists in all of us. Herein are the latest and greatest fitness and health classes in our most frequented cities.


Hotpod Yoga

London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Berlin & more


Just when you thought there wasn’t any way to change up your hot yoga routine, Hotpod Yoga goes ahead and creates a patent-pending inflatable heated pod. Why it’s genius? Because it can literally pop up anywhere, meaning location options are virtually endless. Plus, it just looks cool.



Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle


One of the losses of 2016 is the unlimited ClassPass. But Zenrez is the newest app easing our pain. Think of it like OpenTable or Hotwire for workouts—at 9 PM every night, unfilled spots at your nearest fitness studios are posted. Prices per class are based entirely upon demand, so scoring a really great deal on a day that’s not so busy is always possible.


The Boxx Method

Your Apartment


As if working out isn’t hard enough, winter is upon us. Which means that trudging through the snow and cheek-pinching cold makes going to the gym that much more of a hassle. But The Boxx Method is made for those months of hibernation. All you need are a set of light weights and a small clear space in your temperature-controlled apartment for a sweaty and intense boxing session.


Tone House

New York


If you fall into the camp of people who will only consider a workout if it’s torture, than Tone House is for you. It’s fun, extreme, and totally body-changing.

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