3 Fitness Classes to Keep You in Summer Mode

3 Fitness Classes to Keep You in Summer Mode

Don’t put away your jogging shoes just yet.

Maybe you *just* discovered your passion for cycling this summer and can’t bear the thought of spending the next six months unable to “hone your craft.” Or, perhaps you only recently discovered that you’re secretly a surfing prodigy and have to keep your surfing muscles (those exist, right?) in check in the off season. Whatever your special summer workout ~thing~ happens to be, you can keep on keepin’ on all winter long. Here, the best ways to get your favorite summer workout indoors.


Cycling enthusiasts, we suggest you try the IMAXShift experience. The virtual reality cycling class transports you anywhere you want to be— including the great outdoors. Pedal your way through Hawaii, Japan, and even saddle up next to Queen B. “IMAXShift is an interval-based ride, with visual components created specifically to enhance your workout. Some visuals are challenge-based, inspiring you to climb and sprint along with the screen and your teammates alongside of you, while others are designed to allow you to let your hair down and party, or find an introspective moment. There are a variety of visuals, from scenic flyovers and digital lands, to music videos and performance-driven worlds,” says instructor Bree Branker.


So your surfboard is dusting away somewhere in the back of your garage till next season and the only water-based sport you’ll be partaking in this season is a hot bath at the end of a long day. Surprise! You can still go surfing! Sort of. Diana Garrett explains: At Surfset, we bring the fun and challenging aspects of surfing to land, whether you’re a surfer, learning to surf, or just looking for a fun and challenging workout. We focus on working the muscles and skills that surfers use in the water, which is great training for those of us that can’t get in the ocean in the colder months.


Think of the City Row experience akin to romantic summer boat rides in Central Park. Replace *romance* with sweat, and your lazy Sunday afternoons can be spent rowing your way through an intense cardio workout. “We alternate between killer cardio intervals on gorgeous water-based row machines, and strength training using bodyweight and dumbbells for a total-body burn,” says Annie Mulgrew, Director of City Row Programming. “With only 15-20 people per class, our top-notch trainers put the focus on form and personalized attention to maximize your workout.”

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