December 2016 Horoscopes: Aquarius

December 2016 Horoscopes: Aquarius


Hannah Becker

On December 13, the Gemini full moon aligns with Jupiter in Libra and Mars in your sign to reveal the many places in your life where joy gets in. With Mars in your sign, you have to go after it; it doesn’t come to you. Jupiter is in your travel zone, so this moon way see you en route to a far-flung destination or on FaceTime with friends an ocean away. With the moon opposite Saturn in your friendship zone, the latter is more likely, but Uranus in your local haunts sparks synchronicity close to home too.

Over the holiday weekend, old and new friends collide. On December 24, Saturn syncs Uranus to bring the old and new guard together, though it might cause some cognitive dissonance. By December 26, sparks fly between Jupiter in your personal philosophy house and Uranus in your communication zone, so be careful if you get into any debates. Luckily, Uranus direct on December 29 makes your point crystal-clear.

On the same day, a Capricorn new moon resets your entire approach to spirituality. This moon gets an assist from Mercury retrograde and Pluto, so the transformation is swift and effective. No more New Age aphorisms here. You’re looking for something practical, something you can rely on in a crisis. Support from Mars and Neptune in Pisces makes this discovery a profoundly emotional one. It’s a departure for your cosmic sign, but it’s for the best. You need to tell your own story now, Aquarius.

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