An Oversleeper’s Guide to Waking Up with Energy

An Oversleeper’s Guide to Waking Up with Energy

This is better than coffee, sans crash.

You’ve heard this story a billion times: on the very day you’re booked on the first flight out, you’ve half-consciously pressed snooze too many times to fit in a shower and breakfast, let alone have the time to throw the last items into your suitcase. UGH. Or, when your boss calls a first-thing-in-the-morning meeting and, well, your alarm decides to malfunction. Great. Or, what if you’re just a human that needs every. last. minute. of sleep possible to function? Same. Whatever situation has culminated in your need for a boost of energy, these coffee alternatives (because a caffeine influx comes with an impending crash) are made for those rushing out the door.


Shut Off Before Bed

If you want to be a well-functioning human in the morning, a good night’s sleep is essential. The common thread amongst all the sleep pros (life goals, friends)? Turn off your phones and computers (or whatever technological toy you’re playing with these days) well before your bedtime. The bright screen light stimulates the brain, so give it some time to chill out before getting some good shut-eye.


Book a Wax

We’re fully aware that this may not be a typical replace-coffee-with-matcha type of suggestion, works, so bear with us (pun intended). Scheduling an AM appointment will not only wake you up with every strip, but you’ll feel totally accomplished for getting an errand done before you’ve checked your work email.


Walk to Work

On a similar (less painful) tune as your waxing appointment, get things moving early with a brisk walk to work. It will get your heart rate going, pumping blood to your brain and heart. By the time you get to the office, it’ll be like you had a triple-shot americano, minus the jitters.


Yerba Mate

Another way to avoid the caffeine plummet is by doing as the South Americans do by drinking yerba mate. A traditional loose-leaf tea—high in antioxidants and chock-full of health benefits, that tastes somewhat like a bitter green tea but with a similar caffeine level to your latte—it’s sipped out of a special gourd cup and metal perforated straw called a bombilla. (Take notes from Caroline Trentini for how to properly prepare.) Refill with warm water for hours of delicious energy-boosting liquid.

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