The Stories Behind Our Favorite Fall Perfumes

The Stories Behind Our Favorite Fall Perfumes

New scent, new season.

As editors, we’re lucky enough to act as testers for pretty much every perfume ever made, and our hoarder tendencies mean that we have storage areas in the Cov HQ beauty cabinet dedicated solely to fragrance bottles. So when it’s time to switch our beauty routines for colder weather, we also get to have a bit of fun scouting a perfume that will replace the clean, crisp, tropical vacation-tinged scents of summer. In the vein of our respective *personal styles*, we all have a particular favorite, and for different reasons. Maybe it’s the scent we’ve been wearing forever (that our mothers and grandmothers wore, too) or a newly discovered one that transports us back to a personal place or memory. Or it’s one that found its home in our desk drawers by way of a new launch and instantly beat out other contenders in our lineup for the primary spot. Bottom line: if you’re looking for a new perfume for winter, this list is a good place to start.


Noah Lehava

Senior Editor


I dont know about you, but I have a theme for fall, and thats staying in on Sundays and doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, nothing often equates to delicious (read: lazy) meals, face masks, and an entire season of whatever Netflix series I havent watched yet (crime drama preferred). And whats better to go with that theme than Maison Margielas fragrance, which pretty much bottled up that essence, and slapped the most appropriate name onto the label—Lazy Sunday Morning—for spraying every other day of the week. Its floral, light, and nostalgic in the most amazing way.


Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor


Like just about everything else Loewe does, I’m completely obsessed with their new fragrance, Loewe 001. The bonus with this particular release: I can actually afford to buy it myself (unlike their bags, clothes, etc.). The marketing material claims that it’s the scent of the morning after, which feels like a nice idea. Frankly, though, the perfume just smells great. It’s not what you would expect in the fall—it’s light and fresh, but still somehow manages to come off sexy. It’s like Loewe has figured out how to give a smell to being carefree—a state of mind I would love to embody. Alas, this scent may be as close as I get for the time being.


Alicia Cesaro

Senior Editor


It’s a surprise to absolutely no one when Byredo’s fragrances (and candles, and pretty much everything else they touch) show up on “best of” lists. But their latest scent, Unnamed, may be the most enticing thing I’ve ever smelt, and my favorite fragrance of all time. And yeah, I fall guiltily into the above category of owning way more perfumes that any adult living in a 500-square-foot Manhattan apartment should. Truthfully, I’m no “nose,” so I can’t explain exactly what it is about the bouquet that makes it smell so delicious, but it’s laden with notes of pink pepper and lush violet that come together to create the one scent I’ll be wearing all fall and winter, and forever.


Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor


The first time I smelled this fragrance I practically dropped the bottle because of the amazingness that filled my nostrils. I’ve always been a fan of Elizabeth & James scents, but this one takes the cake. It’s described as “passionate, unpredictable and provocative,” and three better words could not have been chosen. It hits all of those right on the head and TBH, makes me want to throw on my most sultry dress and head out for a candlelit dinner.

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