Ming Xi

Model. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

The model-off-duty uniform isn’t just a cliché—we swear that most models we meet and photograph wear a pretty tried and true look of skinny jeans, leather jackets and just-sheer-enough t-shirts. And it’s not boring; it works for them—mostly because they’re exceptionally beautiful and could get away with wearing a garbage bag if they wanted to. But, as we learned when we dropped by her 55th floor apartment looking out over Central Park and Midtown Manhattan, Ming Xi isn’t like other models. She is in the fact that she’s exceptionally beautiful—in pictures, but even more so in real life. But she isn’t in the fact that we didn’t find one pair of skinny jeans in her closet, and the t-shirts were Off-White and Raf Simons.

As Xi took us through her just unpacked bags (the Chinese model had just returned from Beijing) and showed us her newest favorite pieces (a pair of Céline wide-leg trousers, a Loewe panda bag), we realized that she’s a legitimate fashion fan. See, long before she ever became a Givenchy favorite and a Victoria’s Secret model, she was a fashion design student in Shanghai—and when it comes to her Chloé and Saint Laurent and Courrèges, she’s not joking around.