4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Zen

Feng shui for your real friends.

4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Zen

While we may not be feng shui experts per se, we have seen enough well thought-out interiors and bedrooms to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a zen-like atmosphere in any room. Arguably though, the bedroom is the place that it matters most.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for a neon and print explosion in the rest of the home, think Celine Kaplan, but the bedroom is one place where minimalism reigns. Case in point: Aerin Lauder’s bedroom, which threw us a curveball compared to the leopard everything and brightly-colored wallpapered state of the rest of her home. It featured neutral painted walls, a soft carpet and bright-white crisp hotel-like bedding. Basically, a dream. The best part? It’s easily replicated. You just need a fresh start (think of it as spring cleaning in September) and a couple new additions.


1. Go Heavy Kondo

Just like cleaning out your work desk, you need to start from scratch. Which means taking a Sunday and emptying out your entire bedroom, section by section. A good place to start is the nightstand; take everything out and then play toss, keep, donate. Only bring in a few select edited items, one hand cream, the book (preferably an actual book) you’re currently reading, a small tray to hold your daily jewelry. Keep everything else organized in other rooms and only keep the essentials.


2. Invest in Your Bedding


You know this already, but your bed is where you spend nearly a third of your life, so it’s worth investing $$$ and time (more so than that Dionysus bag you’ve been eyeing). First step, invest in a legit mattress—not the hand-me-down circa 1990 from your parents’. Casper, has streamlined the entire process by offering one universally great one and then delivering it to your door almost as fast as Seamless brings your sushi. Then sheets! In white! If you can’t remember the last time you replaced them, it’s time to change ‘em. We like Brooklinen and Hill House Home—the monogrammed pillows add a little *extra* and while embroidering “Ambien” on your pillow isn’t scientifically proven to help you sleep better, we’re into it nonetheless. Bottom line, your bedding should always be two things: clean and comfortable. And as your mom would say, make your bed in the morning!


3. Add in Feel-Good Items (Only!)


Like candles, books, a mini clock (because you charge your iPhone in another room at night right?!), a plant for fresh air and a pop of greenery, and a couple framed photos (stay in one color scheme, like white or black) of loved ones.


4. Treat it Like a Sanctuary


You know the drill...the bedroom is for two things: sleeping and sex. Which means do not bring your work, your ROHW binge watching, your clutter, your meals etc, inside. Trust, there’s no better feeling than climbing into a freshly washed and made bed ,and falling asleep in a calming device-free environment that would make Arianna Huffington proud.

*We think that when Huffington said “Great pajamas are a great investment” she meant go shopping for new ones.

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