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September 2016 Horoscopes: Sagittarius


September 2016 Horoscopes: Sagittarius

This is going to be a banner month for you, Sagittarius! September kicks off on the 1st with a Virgo solar eclipse in the fame sector of your horoscope. All eyes are on you—in fact, people may have been watching your work for longer than you realize, and you’re just now reaping the rewards of a job well done. The eclipse is square Mars and Saturn in your sign, so any opportunities that come up now could trigger a serious case of impostor complex. Don’t give in! It’s also opposite Neptune at the base of your chart, reminding you to take basic care of yourself even while people are making you these impressive offers. A sync to Pluto in your value house reminds you how valuable your time and effort really is—and brings you payment for it.

You’ll feel a big shift as your ruling planet (Jupiter) changes signs from analytical Virgo to artistic Libra on the 9th. Jupiter changes signs every 12 months, so this past year’s transit of Jupiter through Virgo made you the editor of your life, checking every detail of your health and habits. With Libra in the mix, you’ll move into the role of creative director, bringing beauty and harmony into everything you do. This is especially true when the sun and Jupiter align on the 26th, as you seize a major leadership opportunity or watch a long-held dream become reality.

Venus flirts with Saturn in your sign on September 7, bringing good friends and plenty of inspiration to support you as you make this transition. A few days later, the last in a series of squares between Saturn and Neptune in your origins sector reveals how much your relationship to your family, your home, and yourself has grown since early 2015. There’s been disappointment along the way, but everyone’s human, and you’ve learned to be more self-sufficient than you ever thought possible.

The week of the 12th could have you feeling a little aggro, as tension between Mercury retrograde, the sun, and Mars in your sign builds to a breaking point. Channel that frustration into something productive—hip hop cardio, anyone? That weekend, good angles from surprise planet Uranus and sultry Venus either bring you an unexpected opportunity to blow off steam. If nothing else, you’ll be relieved when Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 22nd! Say goodbye to tech snafus and missed signals, and watch as your daily routine returns to some semblance of normalcy.

On the 16th, a Pisces lunar eclipse illuminates your fourth house of home, family, and emotions. It’s on Chiron, an asteroid named for the centaur who trained Hercules and other Greek heroes for battle. I won’t sugarcoat it—this is probably going to be a tough day, if only because you’ll be in your feelings. Put some time aside to take a bath (Pisces loves water!), listen to Frank Ocean, and cry it out of you need to. This moon is opposite Mercury and Jupiter in your professional sector, but don’t let tension between your professional responsibilities and self-care needs stress you out. Even if all this feels frustrating, a square from Mars in your sign gives you the energy you need to weather the emotional storm.

September closes with a Libra new moon on the 30th. It’s in the part of your horoscope that rules friendships, groups, and visionary ideas—and it’s aligned to lucky Jupiter. Libra rules beauty and the arts, so this moon could send you a bolt of major inspiration. A square from Mars and Pluto in your value sector makes this situation tricky: you may not have the capital you need to fund your big idea right away, or something else in the situation brings up issues about self-worth. Hang in there! Channel Saturn in your sign to create a crafty solution.

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