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Different Uses For Matcha Powder

We’ve even found a way to add it to our cocktails.

Different Uses For Matcha Powder

Matcha is one of those things that once you try it, there’s no turning back. I still remember the day I had my first matcha latte (lame, I know)—and my bank account has been cursing me since because, let’s be serious, the shit ain’t cheap. In the past few months I’ve found myself obsessing over the green miracle powder, and while I now know how to make matcha lemonade, I'm constantly searching for other ways to add it to, well, pretty much everything I consume on a daily basis. I figured I'm not alone in this, so—because sharing is caring—here's what I've found.


Make Frozen Treats

The temperature keeps on rising on outdoors (no complaints here!) so the last thing looking for is drink a hot beverage. Something we will always allow ourselves to do is treat ourselves. After all, we didn’t spend all that time in the gym pre-summer for nothing. Blend together three frozen bananas, three tablespoons of coconut milk, and one tablespoon matcha powder for brag-worthy, vegan 'ice cream.' Another tasty treat is matcha popsicles. Mix one tablespoon of matcha powder with one cup of low-fat yogurt, pour into a popsicle mould, and freeze. The wait can be a little agonizing, but they are so worth it in the end.


Make It Booze-y

In case you didn't already guess, this is our favorite way to consume matcha. It’s too to decide between matcha and alcohol on a Saturday afternoon, so the best option is to combine the two, obviously. One way is to make a homemade Arnold Palmer by mixing together 3/4 cup of water, the juice of one lemon, four mint leaves (to taste), and one teaspoon of matcha powder—then top it off with vodka. If you’re a sucker for anything sweet, feel free to mix in two to three teaspoons of agave nectar. If you’re not an Arnold Palmer kinda gal, opt for a mojito instead. Add the juice of one lime, fifteen to twenty mint leaves, one teaspoon of matcha powder, and one tablespoon of agave nectar to one cup of ginger ale, and one shot of white rum. Add crushed ice, stir, and prepare to feel like you’re lying out on the beach in Cuba. If you’re not so much into cocktails simply pour a cold matcha tea into an ice cube tray, freeze, and use in any drink of your choice!


Bake or Cook It

Are you beginning to understand that the options are *truly* endless when it comes to matcha powder? If you’re a die-hard fan of Mexican food like we are, add one tablespoon of matcha powder to your guacamole, pre-mash. We swear you’ll never look at guacamole the same again. But, if you can’t wait until lunch time for your matcha fix, simply sprinkle the powder on top of your pancakes or scrambled eggs at breakfast. Another Cov-fav is adding two teaspoons of matcha powder to your favorite (let’s be serious, it’s your Grandma’s) banana bread recipe. If it has antioxidant-rich green tea powder in it, it's technically healthy, right?

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