City Guide: Capri

Everything you need to see, do, eat and wear in the ultimate Instagram getaway. In collaboration with David Yurman.

City Guide: Capri

Maybe the best thing about Capri is that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of things to… well, do. Of course there’s the endless restaurants, and a litany of small villages and beaches, villas and historical sights. But compared to the rest of Italy? Your must-see list is about to shrink drastically. And that’s a good thing. No, seriously: hear us out. First of all, just look at this place. Do you feel like plopping yourself on a beach and just staring for a while? Good. Because Capri is one of those destinations that actually forces you to recharge and not be inundated with another towering to-do list. While sightseeing has its merits (duh), there’s something we love about a place where we don’t have to feel guilty for just wanting to lounge, preferably with some crisp rosé and a good book.

JK Place

You're going to be staying somewhere that closely resembles a culmination of all of the travel porn ever pinned on Pinterest, so why not splash out on the hotel to match? Like their sister location in Florence, the rooms have that sense of instant calm any good vacation hotel should, only with incredible panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples, all monogrammed pillows and azure blue accents. Their restaurant, helmed by a young chef and overlooking the coast, and dishes up Neapolitan-inflected classics—let's just say if you’re looking to get a serious Italian comfort food fix, you could happily never leave the hotel. To get the full Elizabeth-Taylor-on-vacation effect, we recommend wearing nothing but airy linen caftans and tunics, simple leather slides, and piles of refined, albeit statement-y jewelry: gold hoops and bracelets with jade and aquamarine-hued beads, textured bracelets with pearl, diamond and sapphire detailing, and at least one massive rock with rose gold accents. The more tan you get, the better you look.


Limoncello di Capri

We know Limoncello is, for most, an acquired taste. But you’re not in Kansas anymore—you’re in the birthplace of the stuff, and that calls for getting acquainted, and quickly. Our favorite way to consume (and an easy way to initiate the less-than-enthusiastic) is with ice cream. In the villages, you’ll find dozens of cafes that specialize in nothing but the stuff. For the occasion, we like to keep it casual (because day drinking can often take a turn) and opt for a slinky romper or jumpsuit and sleek leather Saint Laurent sneakers. Dress it up with a pair of cable hoop earrings with diamonds (!) or one of David Yurman's signature starburst rings in rose gold and (you guessed it) diamonds.

Via Camerelle

Yes, this shopping street is dotted with all the same luxury brands you could find back in Milan or Rome. But there’s something especially magical about a day of shopping somewhere as dreamy as Capri at all of the iconic Italian luxury fashion houses, and there’s no better excuse to justify a fancy purchase than framing it as a memento of your trip. For the occasion, we recommend an easy tunic or t-shirt dress, paired with block heel sandals for a little height, a David Yurman navy leather watch, and one of their gold bracelets dotted with teal—because if we love anything, it’s a theme.

The Blue Grotto

Make it a point to come through here early in the late afternoon, or even the early evening, once the tours have come and gone and marvel at the blue light. Because the wardrobe options for uh, cave-visiting are limited, we recommend a white-and-navy striped bather and one of David Yurman's gold, lapis lazuli and pearl bracelets for a bit of bling.

Da Paolino

Da Paolino is one of the island’s most iconic restaurants for a reason: you dine underneath Capri’s signature lemon trees, and it’s pretty damn special. There's an open-air kitchen that dishes up every kind of homemade pasta you could ever possibly want, often, yes, with lemons; plus endless delicious freshly-caught seafood. This, for us, calls for a strappy slip dress or trompe l'oeil jumpsuit, that gives the same effect, preferably in white or silver for that whole ‘90s Kate Moss thing. Pair this with some dressy flats (look for anything with glitter, embellishment or cut-outs), and know the real pièce de résistance comes with your jewelry: to be specifically, a gold link bracelet studded with diamonds and evil eye charm bracelet with blue sapphire and black diamonds, because you're fancy.

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