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What To Wear For A Summer Workout

Keeping things cool.

What To Wear For A Summer Workout

Anyone else feel like summertime provides the ultimate workout motivation? Forget the arbitrary “bikini bod,” we’re talking getting outside and smelling the freshly-cut-grass and sunscreen-skin-air. Another thing that’s motivating AF: new gear—especially if it’s strategically ventilated (for peak humidity) and makes you look hardcore (even when you’re not). So, whether you workout in the morning, during your lunch break (v. serious Q: where are you employed where this is possible?), or likely only to get outside once the sun goes down, here’s how to stay cool when you’re getting your sweat on all summer long.



Hot Summer Days

We love the sun just as much as the next person, but the thought of sweating balls in our thermal leggings (no, they are NOT seasonless!) makes us want to cry. Swapping your full-length pants for airy shorts is key to keeping our internal temperatures at a reasonable level. And since ventilation is the name of the game here, the same theory applies to tops: as breezy as possible. Sports bras as tops? Do you, girl! Or take your workout to the pool. Throw on a jelly Baby G for good nostalgic measure (and we guess it could track your pace too).



Cool Summer Nights

Ok, so you’d rather spend the daylight hours lounging. We get it. Because unless you’re part of the above tribe, you’re not into sweating buckets and pushing it to the limits outdoors. Eye-blinding bright-colored leggings like these Fendis and Lucas Hughs are reflective (safety, kids) and insanely cool.

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