June 2016 Horoscopes: Taurus

June 2016 Horoscopes: Taurus

April 20 – May 20


Taurus you will be breathing a big sigh of relief as we enter June, and you get some respite after May’s murky retrograde in your sign. Mercury’s backward spin made you re-evaluate many parts of your life, including the very essence of who you are.

For all you bulls, it’s time to take some of these recent lessons from Mercury’s retrograde and transform them into a practical plan of action. The cosmos offers the perfect opportunity for you to set new intentions with a powerful new moon in Gemini in your solar 2nd house.

Towards the month’s end at the full moon on June 20th, you have a wonderful opportunity for some healing and releasing, and manifesting a new path ahead in the area of joint finances, possessions and projects. Since the end of 2014, stern Saturn’s transit of your solar 8th house has probably brought some tough lessons and trials over these issues and may have actually made you feel a lack of the stability that you crave.

Think carefully about who and what you value, how you can value yourself, and create stability in both your private and joint financial affairs—while still enjoying the luxurious and sensuous side of life.

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