5 Interiors Trends You’ll Still Love Next Year (Promise)

5 Interiors Trends You’ll Still Love Next Year (Promise)

Just say no to taxidermy.

You know that thing where you go to an insanely cool hotel/restaurant/bar, die over the decor, fully freak out and fall in love, commit to redecorating your own place to look more like that, only to have it feel completely outdated and lame in a year? Cut to us desperately trying to rid our homes of antlers, Ghost Chairs and anything that begins with the words “Keep Calm…” In the interest of saving your sanity (and funds, because, TBH, redoing your apartment is nuts expensive), we’ve picked our five favorite interiors trends that feel fresh enough to give your space a lift but not so super-trendy that you’ll be completely over them after six months. Now go forth and buy with abandon.






There’s something about brass that’s simultaneously classic and sophisticated but also really, really cool. Whether it takes the form of a lamp, dish or beautiful objet, you can’t go wrong with brass accents. Pro tip: brass looks especially good with our next pick.






OK, fine, marble pieces have been everywhere lately. However, if you think about it, marble has been everywhere pretty much since forever—like, Ancient Greece forever. If you can swing it, nothing makes a statement like a glossy pink or green marble coffee table, but we also love smaller touches around your home.



Pink Couches



When purchasing something as major as a couch, most of the time we default to “whatever won’t look crazy in 10 years” mode. A couch is a big investment, and this is an area where you don’t want to stray too far from the norm—unless, of course, you can do a major apartment overhaul every five years. However! A pale pink couch is just different enough to be interesting but close enough to the neutral family (really, it’s not that far from beige) to keep it from feeling outdated.






Trays are infinitely helpful for organizing things like remotes, candles, their corresponding chic lighters and coffee table books, but what about your bigger items? Woven baskets are just the thing for holding rolled-up blankets in the winter (cozy!) and artfully arranged oversized branches in the spring and summer. Or, find one with a lid and keep it completely full of all the ugly shit you wish you didn’t need but do. Pretty, and practical!






Love denim? Same. And, happily, that love doesn’t have to stop at your legs (or top, or wherever…). Denim accents in the form of rugs, picture frames, throws and pillows straddle the line between being trendy and timeless—much like our favorite jean styles. Added bonus: because these pieces aren’t major investments, in the case that you do decide you’re over them after one or two years (but we promise, you won’t), it won’t be such a bummer to replace them and start over.


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