Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman's Total Body Workout

Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman's Total Body Workout

The A Bikini a Day bloggers demo 8 moves to do with your BFF

We’ll take any extra motivation we can get if it will help us get ourselves to the gym—an 8 PM workout session is painful enough as it is. And we stand by the fact that having a friend to accompany you and keep you on track is about the most powerful workout inspiration you can have—way more than talk of looming “bikini body” season (which, frankly, we’ve had about enough of). Then again, we can’t deny that the right Instagram account can push us that much harder. And no one has made their names on that very powerful trend quite like Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman of A Bikini A Day. If you haven’t heard of them, we’re guessing the name of their blog-turned-full-on-lifestyle-brand is probably enough to tip you off when it comes to exactly what they’re all about. So, yeah, they definitely have the moves to keep their bodies in bikini-a-day form.

As part of a fitness series Oakley and Brugman are working on with Bandier (who also happens to be the exclusive retailer of their new athletic wear line, Monday Active) called Tash & Dev’s #BODYLOVE Series (a hashtag that feels, TBH, a bit more friendly than #fitspo, no?), we asked them to demo eight moves they’d rather do together with the help of trainer and KGBody founder Katherine Greiner. So now you have an alternative friend activity to fall back on in case the red wine and gossip doesn’t work out.



Move #1

Step-out side squats


"Stand side by side with your partner. Simultaneously step your outside leg to a wide parallel second position and lower hips back and down to a squat position. Return to start. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch sides."



Move #2

Plank with jumps


"One partner assumes a plank position on elbows (or hands) with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Partner two performs tuck jumps up and over partner one’s feet, moving back and forth and from left to right."



Move #3

Back-to-back partner wall sit


"Partners stand with their backs together and link elbows to help stay connected during the move. Feet are slightly in front of their bodies, wider than hip width, and legs are straight to start. Partners then simultaneously lower down to a squat position where knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Return to standing and repeat."



Move #4

Partner tricep dips


"Partner one takes a knee on the floor or a cushion while partner two supports their body weight with their hands on partner one’s thigh. Partner two then performs a tricep dip by bending at the elbows and lowering so that the elbows come to a 90-degree angle, then pressing back up to a straight arm. Start with feet on the floor and knees bent; for a more advanced version, the legs can be straight."



Move #5

Partner side lunge


"For this exercise, partners should face each other and place palms together. Start with legs straight and feet wider than hip width apart. At the same time, partners bend one knee on the same side and sit hips back and down to come into a side lunge, making sure to keep the other leg straight. Return to start and repeat on the second side."



Move #6

Plank with claps


"Partners should face each other. Planks can be done on the hands or elbows (for this variation, doing it on the elbows is the more challenging option). Simultaneously lift the right hand to clap the partner’s right hand. Return to both hands/elbows on the floor and switch to clap hands on the left."



Move #7

Arabesque leg lifts 


"For this exercise, partners can face each other as they did in the side lunge exercise, with palms touching one another. Standing tall on the support leg and using each other's hands for balance, lift a straight, slightly turned-out working leg back and up to squeeze the butt, then return to touch the toe to the floor. Repeat for 30 seconds on one leg, then switch to the other side."



Move #8

Lower-ab bicycle


"Partners should lie on their backs on the floor with legs bent and feet on the floor. Toes should be touching the toes of the partner. From this position, lift feet off the floor and place the bottoms of the feet to touch your partner's. Perform a bicycle crunch while maintaining connection with your partner’s feet the entire time. Opposite elbows will reach toward opposite knees to create a slight twist in the torso and work the sides of the body while performing the exercise."


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