4 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind in 60 Seconds

4 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind in 60 Seconds

Think of it as spring cleaning for the brain.

You know when you come home after a day of back-to-back meetings and hectic deadlines, and all you want to do is shut right off? But, instead, you’re running through every. single. word. you may or should have said? Or, you’ve been so consumed by your actual work, you’ve had no time to check social feeds and read Lenny Letter, while simultaneously watching TV (even if it’s just for “background noise”). You get us, no? Well, the truth is, it’s these sort of scenarios that are conducive for pumping the proverbial brakes and clearing some of that excess mind clutter. 

But here’s the thing, as much as at times (okay, maybe always) it feels like the exact opposite (case in point: read above); your brain can really only focus on one thing. Who knew multitasking was literally impossible? And with that in mind (sorry—had to), here are a few quick fixes on how to feel like you’re actually honing in, de-cluttering and focusing your mind. 



Power Down

iPhones. Computers. TVs. iPads. We get it—we’re as addicted as you are. But if you’re having issues focusing, try putting away your phone (even if it’s just for a recharge) in another room for a few hours. Now you won’t be distracted from the light of notifications and you’ll be free to concentrate on another task, whatever that may be. Same deal for the other electronics in your life.
And okay, if you have to, just stick to one at a time. Kapeesh?




Stop and Stare

If you just can’t slow down your brain, use the meditation technique of keeping your eyes still. Here’s how it works: pick an item (any item) about 10 feet away. Make sure it’s an inanimate object and stare. Use all your brainpower to stay fixated on that one object. Because your mind can only think about one thing at a time, all your other thoughts will feel as if they’ve faded away. Kinda nice, no?




Write it Down

This follows a similar MO to the above: do one task and your mind will naturally de-clutter. Writing shit down will also let you organize your thoughts and feelings. Which is reason enough to buy a new Smythson in our opinion. 



Sub In 

Let’s be real, more often than not, our brain is cluttered with not-so-pleasant thoughts. The best way to get some clarity is by subbing in with better thoughts. May we suggest: this.  


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