The Quickest Full Body Workout

The Quickest Full Body Workout

For those with serious (time) commitment issues.

Here’s the thing: time is precious. Especially when our 9-to-5 is more like 9-to-whenever-we-get-our-shit-done, with requisite breaks for meals between. So how can you blame us for not wanting to spend whatever free time we have in the gym? Exactly. In our quest to find the workout that leads to the best results in, like, the shortest amount of time, we found Bari Studio, which essentially compounds dance and trampoline moves into a crazy-intense (read: efficient) workout, in Tribeca. As per founder Alexandra Bonetti Perez, these seven moves will do juuusst the trick. Be prepared to see results with minimal iCal real estate required.



Move #1

Fallen Scorpion


"Butts and abs, ladies; the formation world tour is coming. Your butt will burn because it doesn't have a choice, but to get the most out of this exercise, you'll need to intentionally engage your abs and obliques. Start on all fours, dip your hips to the right side to touch the floor, return to all fours and kick your right leg diagonally back. Then do it on the left. Over and over again until it hurts so good."



Move #2

Scorpion with the Bari Ball


"Want to convince the world you're a multi-tasking pro? This is your move. Place the ball behind your right knee, squeezing it behind your calf and hamstring. Lift your knee up towards the ceiling, then bring it back in—knee to knee. Repeat that movement, tucking the left toes and straightening the left knee off the floor. Bring everything back together to your starting position."



Move #3

Bounce Party and Squat


"If you weren't sold by 'party' and 'squat' being in the title of this move, you can't sit with us. Twist your hips and arms to the right as you bounce down, then twist your hips and arms to the left. Bounce down to bring your body back to center into a squat position, and squat as low as you can get, keeping your back straight and trying to activate every movement from your core."



Move #4

Bounce Jack and Cross


"This will tone the outer and inner sides of your legs, as well as your abs. Start with your feet wide, bounce down and bring your legs and arms together, squeezing your inner thighs. Next, jack out to a wide position, then bring your right knee and your left elbow to touch across your body as you bounce down to your left heel. Return out to your wide jack."



Move #5

Arms with the Bands


"Have fun while you tone and lengthen every angle of your arms and back (and abs—always, always abs) with this super simple exercise. Start by pressing down into the bands and rolling your shoulders back into your spine with a tight core. Reach your right arm out to the right side with a slight bend in the knee; your left leg stays straight and lean into your right oblique with a slight twist in your core. Return to center and repeat to the left."



Move #6

One Legged Push Up


"This exercise is a variation on a regular push up to activate your glutes and abs a little more. Start on all fours. As you lift your body into a plank position, lift your right foot off the ground so your leg is hovering parallel to the floor. Hold this position and use this hold to plug your shoulders into your back and squeeze your core tight. From here, do a one legged push up activating it from your core. Come back to starting position."



Move #7

Trampoline Side Squat and Leg Lift


"Long and lean is where it's at, and that's what this exercise delivers with every rep. Start in a kneeling position with your left knee on the trampoline, right foot planted on the floor for length and support. Begin to lean towards the left as you kick your right foot to the side parallel to the floor. Reach your right arm over head to full extension and create one long line from your right heel to your right arm. Use your abs to come back to starting position."


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