Workout with Khloe Kardashian’s Personal Trainer

Workout with Khloe Kardashian’s Personal Trainer

A gym session with Gunnar Peterson.

Trainer Gunnar Peterson’s roster of clients reads much like a trending topics feed: the entirety of the Kardashian clan, Ciara, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez (have you seen her lately?! Reason enough)—and those are just a few of his most famous names. Then there’s the whole Olympic athletes thing. See, he’s had a hand in carving out some of the healthiest, fittest, and enviable bodies out there (if you ask us, he’s kind of the man responsible for our whole larger butt obsession) for going on 20+ years. So, naturally, on our last trip to L.A., we showed up at his Beverly Hills studio for our very own training session with him to see what it really takes to get curves like a Kardashian. “I add these moves and hundreds of others throughout ALL my client’s workouts—NO ONE is exempt. Everyone partakes and everyone is better for it—celebrity, athlete, weekend warrior, moms, dads, doctors, and even lawyers. Yes, even lawyers.” Now he’s got us, too.


Move #1

Rebounder abs

"Gauge your distance from a rebounder or a wall. Lie down and extend a medicine ball overhead. Crunch up and throw the medicine ball at the rebounder/wall. Catch it with your hands, not your face, lie back down and repeat. Working the abdominals."



Move #2

Slide on the Octagon


"Bend at the knees and push off of one of the border blocks. Transfer your weight and ease into your stop on the desired next block. Repeat to desired number of reps. Works the abductors, outer thigh, adductors, inner thigh, quads and glutes."



Move #3

Helix lateral trainer

"Begin moving your legs to the inside or outside depending on the focus of your work, abductors, outer thigh, adductors, inner thigh. Set the resistance so that you are challenged but still able to complete the desired time. Work on keeping your upper body RELATIVELY still and keep your pace even."



Move #4


"This VersaClimber is modified at a more challenging angle so it's almost like a bear crawl crossed with a Jacob¹s Ladder. Working arms and legs simultaneously in a cross crawl patter, begin with smaller strides and build up to a more extended range of motion (ROM). This is hugely taxing on the core as well as the shoulder and legs. Heart rate often ends up higher than your area codes."



Move #5

Medball slams

"Raise a medicine ball (preferably one that doesn't bounce too much, and if it bounces, position yourself accordingly!) overhead with arms extended and slam it violently and with intention on the floor in front of you. Bend slightly at the knees and drop the hips as the ball leaves your hands. Recover it and go again for the desired number of reps. Works your core (abdominal) in extension and erectors as well, and your legs and glutes with specific emphasis on the eccentric if you 'drop' into the low position when releasing the medicine ball."


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