A Session With Kylie Jenner’s Crystal Healer

7 crystal grids to help you deal with life.

A Session With Kylie Jenner’s Crystal Healer

Aside from our merely aesthetic fascination with gemstones (we mean, we've been actively hunting for a set of agate bookends, since, like, forever), there are those who believe crystals are more than just pretty to look at, that they hold sacred powers. As in, being surrounded by a cornucopia of crystals can provide one with healing energies for the mind, body and soul. So who better to explain the unique energies and effects of earth's stones than crystal healer Katie Manzella, who creates bespoke crystal grids for the likes of Kylie Jenner. Herein, she schools us on how to build crystal grids to help us get through those struggle-is-real moments. 

— Grid Basics —

“The most important part of making a crystalgrid is creating it with love. Commanding only which serves and honors the highest good of all that manifest from your light-filled intentions. Crystalgrids are designed to create divine symmetry in the name of the Light, always. Using sacred geometry symbols as the foundation of your grid is a really special and powerful way to create one. 

Crystalgrids can help to empower us on so many levels. The energies can heal, uplift and inspire us along our journey as we manifest all of our true hearts’ desires. 

In creating crystalgrids we invoke a high vibrational healing frequency. The atmosphere elevates where the grid will live, inviting the crystalline energies to illuminate the space. The grid radiates the energy from the crystal kingdom’s alignment with sacred geometric patterns and our loving intentions, bringing harmony to our personal world, the hearts of humanity, the Planet and entire universe, so that we can restore ourselves, and the world in which we live, back to the perfection we truly are. 

If granted permission, we can create a grid with an intention of health and vitality for a friend who is ill. We can also focus healing energy to the planet where conditions of pollution and destruction are occurring such as radiation, methane gas leaks and oil spills, social discord, etc.

The flower of life is an ancient geometric symbol pattern, which is an interdimensional tool to access higher planes of existence (just like crystals are). I work a lot with sacred geometry in my private healing sessions.

I personally love to add plants to crystalgrids. A very special energy manifests when we unite the crystal kingdom with the plant kingdom.

Be crystal clear about the intention or intentions when making a grid and see what magic enfolds!”



For When You Need Cash-Money and To Be A Boss


Limitless Abundance and Success in all Endeavors


— The Stones —


A fossil of an extinct marine mollusc.
Known as the stone of healing


Lilac-grey to pink
Reduces stress, despondency, mental illness


Lithium Quartz 
Clear to pink
Reduces stress and tension.



Clarity, patience, positive outlook

“This grid helps you release what is no longer serving you and invites the thing that is going to serve you inside. Open up to receive more abundance and joy by releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Ammonite will initiate your rebirth and transformation. Change isn’t easy so a stone like lepidolite is perfect to help you lovingly transition with grace and ease. The Lithium Quartz will keep you calm and alleviate disharmony from your being as you embrace these exciting changes. Peridot will help you to manifest pure joy and limitless abundance as you experience blessings and success in all new endeavors.” 




For When You Just Need To Know What To Do With Your Life


Connect to the higher dimensions of existence and All That Is for divine guidance and support.


— The Stones —


White, fibrous stone
Energy, calms hyperactivity, balances confusion, decisions


Dusty blue
Peace, balance, awareness, connectivity to Angels


Blue Lace Agate
blue and white linear stripes
Calms and soothes nerves


Lemurian Seed
Wisdom, gratitude, protection, balances male and female energy, good for couples


Metallic rainbow
Helps with feelings of isolation, help a team achieve its goals


“If someone was wondering what steps they needed to take in life, or asked themselves where they wanted to be going and you need guidance from the higher realm. It’s like using your grid as access to the oracle of the high realm—just tune into that grid as you create it. And if you just open yourself up to it, you can hear or feel the guidance coming through you. It’s also to connect to those sacred realms and to tap into the support that we all have guiding us.  

Selenite opens the crown chakra and aligns one to the Higher Self. Angelite opens the gateway to Communication with the Angelic realm, Higher Self, Guides, Ascended Masters and Deities. In these sacred dimensions, send and receive messages and spiritual guidance and attune yourself to universal wisdom and the all loving, nurturing, gentle energies. Blue lace agate activates peaceful expression and high states of spiritual awareness, serenity and clarity. Lemurian Seed acts as a guide to align us with sacred knowledge as we act as conduits of infinite love in humble service to all of life on earth. Bismuth acts as an antenna to strengthen connection to all that is and transforms our energy from crown alpha chakra to omega chakra in a unified field of light.”



When You Need To Just Let It Go


Dissolve old patterns and behaviors, clear your energy fields and ground into divine truth and power.


— The Stones —


Desert Rose Selenite
Rose-like crystal cluster
Grounding, clarity of thought, serenity


Opaque black
Protection, alleviates grief


Energy, prosperity, business success, awareness


Spirituality, meditation, creativity, addiction release, restful sleep


“In doing so, go forth in your illuminated radiance to live your Light, spread your Light and be the Light. Desert Rose Selenite Dissolve blocks and limitations as it connects one to higher spiritual awareness. Onyx and Carnelian provides protection and confidence to reclaim one's true power. Onyx clears intuitive channels to receive higher guidance and can help one stay on their illuminated path. Onyx and amethyst will empower one's being with self-control and inner strength. Practice the joy of forgiveness and compassion for past lessons learned as one honors their inherent divine Light and align with the higher self and our true heart's desires.”




When You Need To Get Better


Enhance physical health and vitality 


— The Stones —


Red Calcite
Orange to red
Willpower, vitality, uplifting, removes stagnant energy


Green and deep red
Good heart, circulation, vitality


Red Amethyst
Spirituality, meditation, creativity, addiction release, restful sleep


Green Kyanite
Transluscent green
Spirituality, balances chakras, tranquility, loyalty, honesty


Green Amethyst
Spirituality, meditation, creativity, addiction release, restful sleep


"Purify, cleanse and nourish your body to achieve physical perfection. Red calcite stimulates life force, clears cellular memory of dis-ease and strengthens the entire being. Ground into the Earth and realign energy fields to restore total balance and equilibrium with bloodstone and red amethyst. Connect with the natural world and open up to alternative holistic healing modalities to enhance wellbeing with Green Kyanite and Green Amethyst. Allowing every cell of your being to be purified in the highest frequencies of Light possible reclaiming eternal health throughout your mind, body and spirit."




If You Need To Get High On Life


Expanded awareness and cosmic consciousness


— The Stones —


Self-expression, communication, creativity


Andara Glass
Can be an array of colors
Consciousness expanding


Grey, brown, green, blue
Strength, personal growth, life changes


“This grid is great if you just want to open your mind up to vivid colors and sacred geometry. It’s almost like a psychedelic experience, to be honest; to really tune into your inner vision and to escape this reality, to go into another world and bask in the entire spectrum of the light. All these stones are really great for that consciousness.”

Lapis opens the mind to total awareness and access to universal and planetary wisdom and invokes the presence of our inner King and Queen. Andara Glass is extremely consciousness expanding and will accelerate personal spiritual evolution. Labradorite awakens the magic within as one experiences greater synchronicity and acts as a pillar of evolved cosmic energies.”



When You Need Some Love


Act as a conduit and force of Infinite Love, Compassion, Unconditional Love and attract romantic love, Divine Union or Universal Love.


— The Stones —


Rose Quartz
Pale pink
Opens the heart to give and receive love


Light blue with white swirls
Tranquility, new perspectives, release of old patterns


Opens the heart, cooperation, enhances intellect


Opens the heart, strengthens the mind against mental illness


“Rose Quartz’s gentle nurturing vibration heals the deepest chambers of the heart as it fills this space with the highest frequencies of love possible, allowing this love to overflow throughout one's entire being. Larimar is an earth healer stone to bring peace and loving energies to the Planet. It's also a soulmate stone, so if you desire you can create the intention to attract this kind of love! This grid can radiate infinite love to all that is without conditions limits expectations or attachments. High vibrational Danburite and obstacle dissolving Kunzite will align your heart with the mind and restore harmony within your inner sanctums as you access higher states of consciousness. Send love to any people, places or conditions where harmony desires to be restored. Invite the highest order of love into the space the grid occupies.”


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