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Editors’ Picks: What We’re Giving This Season

Straight from our IRL shopping lists.

Editors’ Picks: What We’re Giving This Season

It can’t always be about us. Not to say we wouldn’t love it if it could, but especially around this time of year, we’re kind of compelled to think of the (other) important people in our lives. ‘Tis the season, or something. Really, though, we love giving a good present—especially when the person on the receiving end loves it as much as we do. Herein, all the things we’re wrapping up for our people this week.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

Every year, my closest girlfriends and I do a Secret Santa-type deal with a $50 limit. I figure this woven, ‘I am a unicorn’ Venessa Arizaga friendship bracelet is appropriate for my draw, who’s one of my nearest and dearest. For my mom, I’m getting a classic Missoni headband. Not the most exciting, I know, but she lives on a sailboat and asked for something to keep her hair out of her face—and this is chicer than the Lululemon one she usually wears. And for my boyfriend, who has long loved cooking but suffered at the hand of our subpar cookware, I’m giving a Le Creuset pot—it’s the best and it’ll make our kitchen look :ok_hand:.



Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

To Emily's point above :point_up_2:, I could have selflessly actually revealed what I'm getting everyone in my life this season. But guess what? It's my birthday, which, for me, is my one hall pass of the year to do precisely what I want. That, and the fact that a certain other occasion falls a mere four days after my birthday and steals the shine everyone else receives on their birthdays the other 11 months of the year my entire life—frankly, I'm over it*. First up: this Mr. & Mrs. Italy parka which is fully lined (!) with pastel pink fox fur (!!). If there was ever a piece of outwear that embodied, like, my entire being, this is it. It's indulgent AF, basically. Next, this green marble clock from The Line is pretty much the height of chic (if there was ever a time to employ that word, it's for this). Finally, a Kimberly McDonald opal and diamond necklace, because a ~20K necklace is just what the birthday doctor (can we make that a real thing?) ordered.

*JK. Imagine I was actually like this? Yikes. For the record, I've been hoarding holiday gifts for the past six months, thankyouverymuch.



Alicia Cesaro


I always say that if I had the $$$, I would start a tradition and give all of my loved ones the same gift every damn year (everyone secretly hates this relative but wait…) a super expensive, super luxurious, super chic cashmere sweater. It’s unisex, it's ageless, it lasts forever. But that’s kind of a lie, because if I had unlimited funds :pray: I know I would be filling up digital and IRL shopping carts nonstop, basically just spoiling the hell out of everyone. First up, the bag no one would ever buy for themselves because it’s just that impractical (read: fun). I’d probably get one for my friends (and then Meagan, too bc it’s her birthday, like tomorrow). Then a ladylike fur stole situation for my mother, because Karen deserves it more than anyone. And lastly, McQueen loafers for my boyfriend because the kid needs new ones, and it’s basically a fact that guys look 80 percent better with a pair of really well made shoes on.




Videographer & Photographer

With the (hopefully) snowy Canadian north in mind :snowflake::snowman:, I'm going woodsy :christmas_tree: this holiday. I'm picturing my boyfriend and I wearing matching wool socks under this cozy Pendelton blanket and sipping on mulled wine. I'm also a huge Shinola fan, so somebody's gonna be whittling with this pocket knife (that I think will only get better with age). We also might be chatting about that Astrology reading that I bought him... hint, hint :dizzy::crystal_ball:


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