Astrology Gift Giving: Taurus

April 20 - May 20

Astrology Gift Giving: Taurus

The main point to remember about Taurus is that this sign has highly developed senses, so cater to their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight or hearing. Sophisticated sensuousness makes it fun to buy a gift for a Taurus, for it would be hard to go wrong. Whatever you choose, you will need to choose the best quality item you can afford within the category you choose.

For example, if you are a man planning to get your Taurus woman chocolates, it would have to be something she’d like. Don’t plan on handing her the bargain brand at your local drugstore or supermarket, your lady expects you to go through a little trouble to choose the best brand you can find. If you are buying a fine red wine for your man, get the best advice and the best year of that particular grape as you can afford.


— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


April 23rd


If you know her well, you know she’s sensuous—a true little vixen—so cater to that lovely sensual side by starting with a dozen strawberries hand-dipped in imported chocolate that the two of you can share with a good bottle of champagne. Or, give her beautiful lingerie edged in lace. If you give her a bra, panties and garter belt, and are unsure of her size, you might want to give her a gift certificate in a chic boutique like La Perla so that she can be fitted properly. Letting her choose her lingerie could be part of the fun. If you don’t know her well: Beautiful sachets to tuck in between her lingerie would be a good choice. Delight her with an entire day of beauty at a spa. Or give her a snow white Victorian nightgown of the finest pima cotton, edged in Swiss eyelet.

Venus-ruled Taurus women never have enough perfumes, so get her more—she uses perfume with the skill of a wizard! First, find out which scents she favors—her best friend should know. Beautiful, light floral scents suit her. If you know she’s all set for perfume, she would also adore silky, luxurious body butter. Make sure it’s the same brand as her favorite perfume, for the whipped body butter will lightly extend her favorite scent all day when worn together.

Taurus is exquisitely sensuous. Give her Fresh’s a Body Exfoliant with luxuriously decadent and velvety soft texture that feels like you are rubbing on liquid chocolate. The product stays on and never drips, and smells divine even several hours later.

Send her a basket of violets or a huge bunch of white and purple lilacs, with a crystal vase to hold them, to scent her bedroom. Send her a sexy music mix with your bouquet, include a personal mix of songs you’ve downloaded from iTunes including such artists as Barry White, Seal, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Pharrell Williams your favorite romantic artists, to play softly on her Jawbone in her bedroom.

Taurus rules the throat, so a necklace or Hermès scarf. Do you want to give her a precious jewel? Her stone is the emerald, symbolic of sumptuous verdant color of nature at the time of her birth. Green is her lucky color, too. The Egyptians called the emerald the lover’s stone because it increased fertility and a feeling of optimism. What a lovely stone to give to your beloved!

Speaking of jewelry, she needs a jewelry box. Make it beautiful and luxurious and one that has a key. Taurus tends to collect precious jewelry—she’ll want to lock her treasure chest each time she retrieves her jewels.


— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


May 6th


No doubt about it, your Taurus man loves to eat. Choose a softy lit, beautiful restaurant, famous for its gourmet menu and one that offers an impressive wine list. Atmosphere is as important as the quality of the food to a Taurus, so be sure the establishment decor offers a profusion of flowers, fine linens and a quiet environment. Send your sensuous Taurus man a box of the very best imported handmade chocolates you can find. Taurus, ruled by Venus, usually has a weakness for sweets but particularly chocolate. He also loves to be pampered. How about chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream for breakfast on New Year’s Day morning? It’s a sure way to start the day on a sexy way!

Cater to his love of touch with a certificate for a Swedish massage at a spa at a five star hotel. Do you want to buy him clothing? Make it the best you can afford (Taurus likes quality) and make it tactile and soft. Nothing scratchy or stiff will do for this Taurus man.

Venus-ruled Taurus would also love tickets to a musical event. Get tickets to a rock concert or arrange a night listening to jazz at an intimate club known for the best guest artists. Or get tickets to the hottest new Broadway musical—he will leave humming a happy tune.

Since Taurus likes to ‘settle in’ at home, get him a comfy chair and a universal remote control for his TV. A crate of fine red wine and selection of imported cheeses would surely make his evening.

Your Taurus man also loves greenery. Send him a tree or beautiful floor plant for his office, a new set of gardening tools, or pay for a custom landscape consultation from a landscape designer for his home or summer cottage.

If you don’t know one another well, send him a box of rich homemade chocolate brownies or fudge (he adores chocolate) in a beautiful basket tied with a red bow.

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