Wake Up With This Morning Yoga Routine

4 moves we’re actually willing to do before coffee. Ocean backdrop might be included.

The beginning of summer (yeah, we’re reminiscing) marked the moment we crafted one pretty epic (and somewhat fleeting) catalogue of summer #goals—uh, we totally did most of it. But setting our alarm an hour before our usual wake up time/at all, you know, to get the most out of the extra long but short-lived summer days, has been a little, um, challenging. Maybe it was the over-indulgence of the gin and tonic variety that came along with our late night(s) out in Miami a few weeks back or breathing in all that salty ocean air, but something happened during our stay: we woke up at 7AM (!!!) on a Saturday (!!!) and… did yoga. Yeah, we’re pretty impressed with ourselves, too.


In an attempt to keep it up, even if it's not bayside (because #goals, remember?), Libby Rae Troyer, a wellness supervisor at The Standard Spa Miami Beach, let us capture it all so it could live on the interweb for an eternity and so that, even if it's only by our tiny east-facing window while the sun rises over the co-ops, we can get this morning flow going.



Move #1

Set Your Intention


“Start standing, gazing towards the horizon, and set your intention for the day. Channeling the quality of water, harmonize breath to movement. This linking of breath with movement allows flow, a powerful practice to cultivate and sustain energy. Experience strength and flexibility throughout the body, and deep relaxed clarity for the mind. Let your breath ground & guide you through a heart opening, soul awakening flow.”



SET YOUR INTENTION “Start standing, gazing towards the horizon, and set... Read More

Morning Yoga


Move #2

Get Grounded


“Warrior poses call on the strength of Shiva to crush any obstacles in your way. Get grounded through the feet with strong legs and a fierce forward gaze. Breathe deeply to feel your fullest expansion—the most beautiful expression of true strength.”


GET GROUNDED “Warrior poses call on the strength of Shiva to... Read More

Morning Yoga


Move #3

Fire Up


“To fire up the core or ‘powerhouse’ of the body, activate the abdominals with a strong plank position. Lengthen, strengthen, and align the entire body while maintaining a deep engagement of the core muscles. By focusing on the core in your morning practice, you find your center, a sense of empowerment, and the strength you need to rock your day!”


FIRE UP “To fire up the core or ‘powerhouse’ of the... Read More

Morning Yoga


Move #4

AM Detox


“Finish your practice with a twist to detox your physical and energetic body. Hug the knees in, breathing in fresh oxygen to purify the blood & squeeze out any toxins. Inhaling love and light—exhaling anything that is not serving you.” 


AM DETOX “Finish your practice with a twist to detox your... Read More